Member Portfolios

Portfolios of Art Intersection Members

Welcome to the Member Portfolio page where we present images, information, and website links for our Sponsor, Patron, and Collector members. Enjoy browsing through the diverse imagery and interesting backgrounds of theses artists and then click to their website to see more work.

Brad Armstrong
Ken Brown
Andy Burgess
Dennis L. Collins
Suzanne Fallender
Rick Gayle
Art Holeman
Karen Hymer
Erin Lawton
Mark Lipczynski
Larry Mangino
James Manley
Michael C. Hughes
Nancy Miiller
Neil A. Miller
Tess Mosko Scherer
Patrick O'Brien
Jessica Page
Emily Penrod
Cyd Peroni
Michael Pierre Price
Siegfried Rempel
Robert Rice
Mara Blom Schantz
Deborah Silvis
BK Skaggs
Theresa Tarara
Ira Thomas
Marilyn G. Ticknor
Fred W. Ullrich
Barbara Usey