Luigi Luccarelli


Artist Statement

Some images simply jump out to me, like a haiku in the wind that one must jot down before it disappears. Questions don’t come into play; you know not why these odd creatures appeal to you and from where they come. They are simply there for a moment and you feel blessed. And for this you continue to walk and watch.

What I say above pertains to the images here. Each has a “protagonist” looking away from the camera, perhaps thinking of memories, a loved one, the future, or what they’ll for dinner. Maybe the settings have something to say, each being quiet. But we really don’t know if the old man in the Retiro Park in Madrid is now living alone, if the woman leaning on the lamppost next to the Seine is studying or writing in her journal; if the boy swimming in the Chao Phraya river in Bangkok is waiting for friends, or the man in Lumpini Park in Bangkok dreaming of a swan. That is the joy of being a viewer.


I’m a self-taught photographer whose work in ceramics, sculpture and poetry has influenced what I do with a camera. Three dimensional work has imbued a sense of conveying feeling through composition; writing the riches of rhythm, tone and brevity. As in my other work, I aim for images of joy and wonder, and of doubt and perplexity because our life is like that.

The five photographs here were shot in three different cities: Paris when I was studying there one summer, and both Madrid and Bangkok when I was living in them. I especially liked to roam the large parks of these cities, as well as the rivers of Paris and Bangkok, camera in hand. I enjoyed the quiet I found there, as you see in these images.

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