Nancy Miiller


Artist Statement

In Architectural Reflections, I am using architecture as a canvas. The reflected objects are other buildings living separately from each other and in opposing and various directions. What is reflected is a whole new world on a static surface; the buildings collide and warp upon each other throwing off depth and perspective.

I am drawn to the questions these images capture as they shake up equilibrium; what’s real, what’s not, what’s up what’s down, what’s in front, what’s in back, what direction is that image coming from, is it round, is it square, is it stationary or is it moving? The smallest movement of the lens will create a completely new world. What is perceived in one moment can dynamically change with an incremental movement of the lens. Beckoning the question, what am I really seeing, or am I creating what I am seeing?

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” – Albert Einstein


Born in Rhode Island but now considered an Arizona native after 27 years, Nancy has returned to one of her art school loves: photography.

With decades of working in the graphic design industry, from agencies to design studios to corporations, Nancy felt a lack of her own personal creative expression. While photography played a role in travel and family events, her deep desire to be creatively focused and expressive was not coming through. She needed her ‘eye’ back.

With one-on-one mentorships with Photographers Breakthrough and one-on-one mentorships with Elizabeth Stone, not only did her ‘eye’ return, new work was born that expressed Nancy. Her gratitude for these mentorships is immense and the bonds created are cherished.

Her current work has been a couple years in the making, taking deeper dives into her subjects, pushing, exploring and re-looking to create anew. Design is also a strong influence in her work as she composes through the lens.

Nancy Miiller
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