Susan H. Paige


Artist Statement

Susan H. Paige took her first art class at age ten at the Art Institute of Chicago. Her mother, now 91, a graduate of the Art Institute in 1952, kept Susan involved in art, theatre, music and dance. Susan’s many years in these areas has fueled her creative approach to all facets of her life. She feels creativity originates in the heart which is also the source of our spirituality. In her art streams joy and free spirit the core spiritual aspects of being. A life coach and healer, Susan hopes her art touches the viewer in ways that help them feel more joy within themselves and life.


Susan graduated BA Art Northern Illinois University and is a #1 Best Selling Co Author (with Dr. Wayne Dyer and others) of “Wake Up, Live The Life You Love, Finding Your Life’s Passion”. EXHIBITS: 1st Place Award, ASU Grady Gammage, 2019 Mesa Art League Juried Exhibit; Special Award, 2018 Benedictine University Annual “Throw Down” Juried Exhibit;
Two Person Exhibit, 2019 OneOhOne Gallery, Mesa; “Ice” exhibit, Art Space Lofts, 2019, Mesa; “Bid Up” Exhibit, Mesa Art Center 2017, 2018; “Prelude” Exhibit, Coconino Art Center, Flagstaff, AZ.; 3rd Place, Prudential Insurance, Chicago;

EXPERIENCE: Director Mesa Art League Artisan Market; Curator of Art for What’s Crackin Cafe, Mesa, AZ; Venue Director Mesa Art League; Presenter New Frontiers for Life Long Learning, Mesa Community College; Juror for 2019 Spectral Artists Exhibit, Mesa; Corporate Art Consultant, Chicago, IL.; Director John Douglas Cline Contemporary Gallery, Phoenix, AZ.; Gallery assistant Yares Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ; Taught Art Marketing workshop, Rio Solado College; Gallery Assistant Frumkin Struve Gallery, Chicago, IL.; She lives in Mesa, AZ and has an art studio in downtown Mesa, Paige Artists Studio/Gift shop.

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