Marilyn G. Ticknor



Artist Statement

Marilyn currently photographs with a DSLR and with a 4X5 sheet film camera. She prints alternative photographs including Palladium, Kallitype, Cyanotype, and VanDyke. Marilyn makes contact prints in the darkroom and then hand colors them. She currently is working on a major project of small prints (on the order of 5 x 7) of succulents and cacti which will be hand colored. This is a portfolio project which could become a book.


Marilyn has B.S. and M.S. degrees in Education with a major in Biology and taught school for 4 1/2 years. She left teaching to raise her children and to assist her husband in running a business. She was Secretary/Treasurer of Wide Band Engineering Company, Inc. for 34 years. Marilyn has always enjoyed photography and started developing film and printing black and white photos after her children were on their way. She has taken photography classes for about 30 years. Besides being a Sponsor of Art Intersection, she is also involved with Imageworks, a large format photography group, and with INFOCUS, the photographic support group of the Phoenix Art Museum.

Marilyn G. Ticknor
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