Volunteers and Interns

Information and Application

Art Intersection operates with a small staff to bring exhibitions, workshops, and a creative workspace to our art and photography community. To stay efficient and offer a broad range of programming, we rely on volunteers and interns to support and ensure visitors and customers at Art Intersection receive a great experience. Please join us in creating this experience as a volunteer or intern.

Every year Art Intersection presents ten plus exhibitions in our Galleries and over twenty workshops in the Photographic Arts Lab (PAL), along with lectures, 1-on-1 tutorials, and special events.



The Art Intersection staff invites you to participate in a meaningful way to enhance the experience of visitors to our Galleries and Photographic Arts Lab. A variety of interesting and challenging tasks await our volunteers in a way that fits their schedule and interests.

If you are interested in sharing your passion for art with our community or working on exhibition installations and photography projects then you will enjoy time spent at Art Intersection as a volunteer.

  • Welcome and orient visitors ensuring a good gallery experience
  • Take payment for artwork, lab use, and art/gift sales
  • Engage visitors in a dialogue about Art Intersection
  • Front desk reception and phone interaction with customers
  • Assist with gallery receptions and events



Time spent as an intern can be a valuable addition to an art career resume and academic credit may be available. If you are a student, check with your school about receiving academic credit for time worked as an Art Intersection intern.

Based on work or educational experience, interns are assigned to work in either the Photographic Arts Lab or the Galleries, and receive training specific to their assigned area. There is a minimum three-month commitment of 8-hours per week, with flexibility in the day-to-day schedule. Students working for academic credit may need to serve more hours as required by your school.

Internship positions are volunteer, without financial compensation; however, interns earn ½-hour Photographic Arts Lab credit for every hour served as an intern. This PAL credit must be used during your tenure as an intern and is not transferrable to anyone else.

Below are listed some of the tasks which may be required as an intern.

Gallery Interns

  • Receive, unpack, and inspect work delivered for an exhibition
  • Communicate with artists, galleries, and other community organizations
  • Assist with exhibition installation
  • Prepare wall labels, price lists, artist biographies, and other signage
  • Repair and prep gallery walls after an exhibition
  • Assist with exhibition lighting
  • Package work for pickup and shipping

Photographic Arts Lab (PAL) Interns

  • Prepare chemistry for gelatin silver printing and film developing
  • Maintain printer inks, paper, and prepare printers for printing
  • Inventory materials
  • Assist customers with developing, printing, scanning, and matting
  • Give tours and explain darkroom and digital areas
  • Assist in the preparation of the PAL for workshops and classes
  • Assist the instructor during a workshop or class