1-on-1 Tutorials

As part of an introduction to our photographic lab facilities, we offer tutorials on different aspects of digital and traditional black and white photography. Learn all the skills necessary to take your image from capture to final presentation! Whether you are new to the subject or simply need a refresher course we will provide you with the tools to get started.

Contact us at info@artintersection.com or 480-361-1118 to schedule your appointment with an Art Intersection Staff member.

Darkroom 1-on-1 Tutorials


Developing Black and White Roll Film $85
In this tutorial you will develop a roll of 35mm or medium format black and white film. The instructor will lead you through each step of the process as you develop your own film.

Developing Black and White 4×5 Sheet Film $85
Learn hands-on how to develop 4×5 black and white sheet film. Various methods will be discussed along with a demonstration of the simple and effective method of tray developing. Participants will develop their own film with the assistance of AI staff.

Printing Black and White in the Darkroom $85
During this tutorial you make a gelatin-silver (black and white) print in the darkroom from a negative. You will learn the basic steps of focus and exposure, developing, fixing and rinsing your print.

Darkroom Rental
Once you have the skills to work on your own, or if you are already experienced working in the darkroom, you can rent the darkroom for film developing and making gelatin-silver prints. We provide the equipment and chemistry in the rental rate. View rental rates here.

Digital Lab 1-on-1 Tutorials


Image Editing $85
Work with an instructor on a computer in our digital lab using Photoshop or Lightroom to answer that specific image editing question. Typical image editing issues include white balance / color correction, editing out distracting objects, working in layers, color conversion to black and white, and printer settings and printing.

Scanning Tutorial $85
Scanning is the first step to digitally restoring old photographs. Using our Epson flat-bed or Nikon 9000 scanner you will learn how to scan your negatives or prints and save them in a digital format. In one session, you can learn the basics of making high quality scans of your negatives or prints up to 8″ x 10″. We can scan slides, color or black and white negatives, and prints.

Digital Camera and DSLR $85
Spend two hours with an instructor in this 1-on-1 tutorial to gain more control over your digital camera and go beyond the automatic settings. Ask the questions that have been puzzling you about your DSLR.

Digital Printing $85
We have three digital printers in the lab for your use. Spend two hours with an instructor in this 1-on-1 printing tutorial to gain an understanding of setting up Photoshop or Lightroom for printing with paper profiles and image sizing. You can then rent time in the digital lab and make prints using your own paper for an ink charge per square inch.

Digital Negatives for Contact Printing $85
In about two hours you will learn the basic steps to make a digital negative using Photoshop and inkjet transparency materials. Printed on transparency material, from a scanned film negative or a digital image, a digital negative can be contact printed using alternative photographic processes. During the 1-on-1 you will make a black and white print from a step wedge and use the resulting print to build photoshop curves. Familiarity with Photoshop is highly recommended.

Artwork Reproduction $85
This tutorial takes you through the process of setting up flat artwork for capture with a digital camera. You will use color balanced continuous lights to light the work and learn techniques to eliminate glare when the work is behind glass. After capturing the artwork, you will learn about the process to color correct and size the image for reproduction or submission to online exhibitions.

Digital Workstation Rental
Once you have the skills to work on your own, or if you are already experienced with imaging software, you can rent a workstation in the digital lab. View rental rates here.

Photo Finishing 1-on-1 Tutorials

Matting $85
Learn how to mat your own prints for the look of a professional presentation. Cutting your own mats saves money and you are no longer restricted to the standard sized mats found in the art stores. In this tutorial you will learn the proper archival methods for preparing your work for presentation as in gallery and museum exhibitions.  This 1-on-1, hands-on tutorial includes materials for mounting an 8″ x 10″ photo.

Custom 1-on-1 Tutorials

Custom 1-on-1
Don’t see the skill you want to learn listed? Our staff and instructors have a wide variety of photographic experience and can accommodate most requests! Give us a call at 480-361-1118 or send us an email at info@artintersection.com to discuss options and pricing.