Emily Penrod


Artist Statement

I like to seek out passed-by details. Little gems of poignant, bizarre, graceful, or whimsical scenes are compartmentalized within my frame. Each photograph could be seen as a single stanza in a larger poem.


Emily Penrod is a native of Arizona and currently resides in Mesa. She studied photography at Arizona State University and earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in the subject in 2002. She is an active participant in the East Valley art community. Emily, an Art Intersection member since 2013, co-founded the annual pop-up gallery group exhibition, Art in the Yard, in 2010. She also volunteers headshots and production stills to East Valley Children’s Theater, a non-profit in Mesa. She has been the official photographer for the Perry High School baseball program, in the Chandler School District, since 2010.

Emily Penrod
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