Emily Penrod


Artist Statement

I like to seek out the simple beauty in the day to day. My slice-of-life photographs try to capture the poetic in the mundane. I have recently been interested in expanding on digital image-making and incorporating more hands-on techniques. My starting point in this endeavor has been creating a new series of lumen photographs


Emily Penrod is a native of Arizona, and currently resides in Mesa. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography from Arizona State University in 2002. Emily actively exhibits her work regionally and nationally, including recent shows at the The Baldwin Photographic Gallery, Murfreesboro, Tennessee; Light Art Space, Silver City, New Mexico; and the Herberger Theatre Center, Phoenix, Arizona. In 2010 she co-founded the annual pop-up gallery exhibition, Art in the Yard. She has been a member of Art Intersection since 2013.

Emily Penrod
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