What people are saying about Art Intersection

I Love all the instructors. They are very fun and it is easy to learn from them.

All the instructors were so easy to talk to and answered all of my questions. I love how they let their personalities come out and they made everyone feel comfortable.

For me the class (and Art intersection’s alternative focus) incited me to more possibilities in how I create my work--even though I love instant film and digital printing, I found that I miss the traditional darkroom. Why not do both digital and analog? This past weekend I cleaned out my darkroom and uncovered my enlarger – it’s been nine years.

As a late-blooming photographer who only recently started to actively seek a larger audience for my work, I signed-up for the seminar hosted by Jim and Carol as soon as I learned of it. While I had a firm grasp of photography's technical aspects, my grasp of its artistic aspects wasn't nearly so well developed, so I found the feedback I received from Jim and Carol (as well as the other seminar participants), to be insightful, instructive, and most of all, helpful. So helpful, in fact, that I signed up to attend the seminar a _second_ time, so the work I am doing with my current project will continue to benefit from their oversight and enthusiasm. Among friends, I jokingly referred to this seminar as my "poor man's M.F.A. program," but all joking aside, I believe that's not too far from the truth, especially when one considers the level of professional credentials that Jim and Carol bring with them. I am not aware of any other way that anybody can access this level of expertise for less than several multiples of the modest fee that Art Intersection charges. For an experienced photographer looking to "take their work to the next level," I believe this seminar is well worth the small amounts of time, effort, and expense that will be required of them. Or to put it more succinctly by paraphrasing the words of Ferris Bueller, "If you have the means, I highly recommend signing up.

Being in the seminar was a unique non-academic opportunity to interact and grow with a wide range of artists (age, background, experience, area of focus) and share the evolution of our work. Having two contrasting and stellar artists and teachers as our guides and critics enhanced the experience in a meaningful way. I am taking the seminar again.

Inspired, excited, and ready to give a Power Point presentation to my Art I and Art II High School classes on Ekphratic Poetry based on what I have learned from two weekend classes at Art Intersection. High School art students will write their poems based on chosen Masterpiece art; trade their poems with peers, and then create an abstract painting based upon their peer's poems. Thereafter, they will write their own poem inspired by their own artwork. The conversation of translating art to art by art, to art, lives! Thank you Allyson for this wonderful class, it was an injection of vitality, content, and relevance.

I really enjoyed the two sessions. They opened my eyes to new possibilities in my poetry writing. I hope there will be an opportunity for me to attend some similar sessions at Intersection in the future.

Very concrete and helpful. I would continue all year.

Steve is a very good teacher, with good materials. He’s obviously a great photographer, too.

Steve is a very knowledgeable instructor. Pace was just about right for someone with “a hackers” knowledge of Photoshop.

I feel so very thankful for having Art intersection here in my home town. I wish to express my gratitude to Jim and Carol for offering the seminar class at AI. I was surprised at the diversity of artists attending and looked forward to each and every Thursday night meeting. It was fascinating to see how other artists work, what their concerns are and how they work through them. I feel I had more than a few ah-ha moments that will help me through some of things I struggle with. What a fabulous experience! Oh I feel a little cheesy but I really did enjoy the class. Hard to really put into word how great of an experience it was for me. I took so much from it, and just so you know I trust and value both yours and Jim's opinions so much. You both went so far out of your way to help me every time, and there were so many times I needed it. Still do, I will be back for sure.

Steve is a good teacher – working from his personal experience as a good wet darkroom printer – which presents the tools of Photoshop in a more meaningful way.

Being a part of the Taking Your Work to the Next Level seminar at Art Intersection has without a doubt helped in the growth and development of myself as an artist. Getting taken out of my comfort zone in my creative process through the guidance of Carol & Jim is exactly what I needed to progress.