Michael Pierre Price


Artist Statement

I am a digital artist. I use a variety of digital means to create and print my original works of art. My art is often an expression of my formal education in physics and mathematics and my personal experiences with Native American spirituality. I have been published in scientific journals and I am a sacred pipe carrier.

The digital world has an underlying mathematical nature to its very existence: the results of 1’s and 0’s. Modern computing has given rise to advances in complex calculations, making possible the development of new areas in math, such as chaos theory and fractals.

Mathematics is often called the language of the universe because it is the underpinning of modern science. For me, it is the language of creation and beauty. Math is an essential element in much of my work, both as process and content.

In the 20th century, there were major shifts in the art world that lead to movements such as Fauvism, Cubism, and Abstract Art that shifted the focus away from the external world, and instead, to the inner soul of the artist. Similarly, this digital age in which we are now immersed has brought about new transformations in many areas of life and art, and I seek to use that as inspiration.

I paint with pixels, often using fractal math to create my art. This work, both in scope and technique, forms the basis of what I call Mathematical Expressionism. Using fractals, I explore and unite science, art, and spirituality.


To know something about me is to know something about my art.

I am a self-taught digital artist who first began creating work in 2010, at the age of 55. Three major influences on my artwork stem from my formal education in science, my previous career as a game designer, and my personal experiences with Native American spirituality.

Mathematics and science reflect the elegance I inherently feel in the theoretical structures of the universe. Seven years of higher education in physics, mathematics, and astronomy provide me a unique perspective as an artist who can draw upon the formal language of modern science.

I made a monumental change in my life when I decided not to pursue a career in academia. Instead, I left university to become a game designer working on Dungeons & Dragons.

That decision led to 30 years in the game industry. During that time, I helped to produce more than 75 titles, ranging from classic toys and video games to high-tech amusement park rides, from virtual reality entertainment to massively multi-player online worlds.

While in my 30’s, I began to pursue my personal interest in Native American spirituality. Native teachings continue to influence and challenge my notion of sacred beauty. The sense of beauty which comes from being connected to the source of creation – the numinous. It mirrors the interconnectedness of all.

My digital art is a confluence of these three aspects of my life’s journey.

Michael Pierre Price
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