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Artist Statement

The images in this grouping of work are a reflection of important events, people, and objects in my life. Some are the things that make me cheerful and some, discouraged. They are a small selection of images that represent the people in my life and my memories with those individuals, layered together to create a sort of visual diary. It is these people and these experiences that I learn from and the moments that nourish me and keep me persevering – Making me the person I am today. Life is a continuous formative experience. We are strongly influenced by our surroundings and the people we share those surroundings with.

As an artist, I am particularly drawn to the lines and textures of nature, whether that is stones and leaves on the ground, the repeating lines in a downed tree, or the reflections that make us look more closely at the ‘layers’ of the world right in front of us. These lines and layers reflect the same layers and and lifeline of our lived experience. It is important to look around and appreciate the world, both man-made and natural, as it is constantly evolving and changing. It is in these moments, impressed in time and in me, where I find great happiness and peace.


Jessica Page was born and raised in rural Michigan. Growing up climbing trees, exploring the woods and playing in the river has continued to play a significant role in Page’s artwork. In 2009 she received her BFA in photography from Kendall College of Art and Design along with earning the Studio Excellence Award for photography. From there, Page moved on to working in a Fine Art Gallery and Frame shop, LaFontsee Galleries, in Grand Rapids, MI refining her craft and aesthetic eye. In 2016 she moved to Arizona with her husband, Anthony, and their two cats, Bug and Emma. Avid hikers, they explore the great wonders and expanses that the American west offers, fueling Page’s inspiration. Currently Page works balancing a full time job and maintaining a studio practice as an active artist after work and on the weekends, pursuing her passion in photography. She is endlessly fascinated in the natural world and the connectivity of memory and emotions.

Jessica Page
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