AI Staff and Advisors

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AI Staff

Alan Fitzgerald

Alan Fitzgerald founded Art Intersection in 2010 and repurposed almost 7,400 square feet of a defunct dance studio into three galleries, Ryan Gallery, North and South Gallery, three darkrooms, a digital lab, and a workspace that serves as a resource center for both emerging and established artists. In 2014, he added the Gallery 4 exhibition space to concentrate on visual art exhibitions that provoke conversation and reflection of our collective and individual humanity.

Debra Wilson

Debra Wilson spent 35+ years working in sales and marketing, business development, technical customer support, product development, accounting, public relations, financial planning, and securities investments.  Prior to joining Art Intersection, Debra held the position of International Sales Manager at SMART Modular Technologies, an electronics company which acquired Adtron Corporation, as well as Customer Engineering Manager.

As Business Manager for Art Intersection, Debra is responsible for financial aspects of the company, as well as business development.

Advisory Board