Cyd Peroni


Artist Statement

My photographic practice focuses on the concept of “mono no aware,” understanding and accepting the transient nature of life and the experiences that elicit feelings of both joy and sadness at the same time. Creating images with objects or moments found in nature, I hope to capture visually what is almost impossible to describe with words. Water, and what happens on, near, and below its surface, is a powerful element to use in this way. For the last several years, I have explored water as a way to better understand grief and mourning.


Cyd Peroni is a freelance writer and fine art photographer living in the Sonoran desert of Arizona. She is currently one of 11 juried members at Eye Lounge, a contemporary art space established in 2001 in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. Her work has appeared in various publications such as ‘The Hand’ and ‘Saltfront’ and has been shown in solo and juried group exhibitions such as Medium Festival of Photography (San Diego, CA); A Smith Gallery (Johnson City, TX); Art Intersection (Gilbert, AZ); Los Angeles Center of Photography (online gallery); Oglebay Institute’s Stifel Fine Arts Center (Wheeling, WV); Schorr Gallery (West Jordan, UT); University of Utah Museum of Natural History (Salt Lake City, UT); and Kimball Arts Center (Park City, UT).

Cyd Peroni

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