Cyd Peroni


Artist Statement

As an image-maker and storyteller, I believe that photographs have the power to open our minds, hearts and souls to new experiences, unacknowledged feelings and deeper connections. I’m a dreamer and late bloomer trying to perfect the art of slowing down so that I might better appreciate the blessings that surround me every day, from the small to the profound – the textures of fruit, the shapes created by shadows, the joy of morning light. I hope my images bring you a sense of newness or wonder in the places and things you might otherwise pass by.


Cyd Peroni began photographing with film and a single-lens reflex camera (medium-format Pentax 67) in her 30s. She took her first classes at the University of Utah and the Contemporary Arts Center and had the great fortune to study with many of the talented artists of the Salt Lake Photographic Print Society. During her years there, she came to love the wild places that continue to connect her to her great inspiration – the pure light of the West. Today, Cyd also uses a digital single-lens reflex camera where she explores the link between our spiritual nature and the everyday objects and moments we often take for granted.

Cyd Peroni

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