Suzanne Fallender


Artist Statement

Throughout my work, I focus on capturing rich textures, patterns, and repeating shapes in regular objects, landscapes and human interactions – mostly working in black and white and using both film and digital formats. In this portfolio, I have aimed to capture abstracted shapes and fleeting moments in the desert environment and historical landmarks across Arizona – from water flowing over Grand Falls as a summer storm approached, to a solitary cloud hugging the edge of the Grand Canyon moments before it dissipated.


Originally from New York, Suzanne currently lives in Tempe, Arizona and has been actively engaged in photography for more than 25 years. Photography has served as a constant artistic outlet from her corporate career in the area of sustainability and corporate responsibility. Suzanne was a member for many years in the Photoworks community and darkroom space at Glen Echo Park in Washington D.C., during which time she exhibited in local shows and worked as a part-time portrait and event photographer. Since moving to Arizona in 2003, she has enjoyed traveling extensively to capture images from around her adopted state. She is currently creating new work with her collection of older medium format cameras and enjoys spending long hours printing in the Art Intersection darkroom.

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