Siegfried Rempel


Artist Statement

We currently exist in a photographic milieu where we can take aspects of the digital process and use it to convey and translate images into older analogue processes capturing and utilizing the best of both. My current work uses digital infra-red camera technology to capture dramatic imagery that the human eye can’t “see”, and then to refine aspects of the image electronically in a way never fully possible with the analogue process. This electronic image, represented in the form of a digital negative is then applied to one of the older analogue photographic print process. We now apply esthetics and interpretations that in some ways have been “lost” over time as these print processes have been forgotten and then rediscovered. The image captured digitally and converted to an enlarged digital negative printed on a platinum paper could also be presented to the viewer as a Collodio-Chloride Print-out-Print. In many ways we have the best of both digital and analogue photography at hand with which to interpret and represent the subject we present.


Siegfried Rempel began photography in his high school camera club, worked professionally in photography after graduating university and has been an analogue photographer his entire life. He began alt processes with platinum and palladium in the late 1970s and has explored numerous other alt processes including oil & bromoil, gelatin and collodion PoP and continues to print these as well as conventional silver gelatin. Currently he is using born digital infra-red files to create enlarged digital negatives that are then printed on the various analogue alt process that are part of his current palette. Siegfried teaches alt process workshops at Art Intersection in Gilbert AZ.

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