Photographic Arts Lab

The Photographic Arts Lab offers a fully outfitted photographic facility for the beginning, amateur, and professional photographer to practice the art of photography. We have dedicated spaces for:

  • Darkroom film developing and printing
  • Digital editing, scanning, and printing
  • Mat cutting
  • Lighting with strobes and continuous lights
  • Alternative process darkroom

This space for learning and creating at Art Intersection is where we nourish the appetite of artists exploring photographic processes spanning three centuries: nineteenth century print-making, twentieth century gelatin-silver (black and white) film and printing, and the modern twenty-first century digital photography, scanning, and printing. We can transform digital images to platinum prints, making traditional and contemporary techniques timeless and interconnected.

All areas of the Photographic Arts Lab are available for public rental after a mandatory orientation session. To learn more about our lab rental rates, click here.

Digital Lab


From digital or film capture to print, our digital lab offers the tools and equipment for the photographer to use modern digital equipment to create their images. With three large format photographic printers, artists can make museum-quality prints up to forty-four inches. A special focus of this lab is to create digital negatives for black and white and alternative photographic process printing. We teach with the latest software tools available for digital editing and production.

  • Eight calibrated iMacs with 2-button mice and full keyboards
  • Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and Elements
  • Epson 9900 44″ printer
  • Epson 4880 17″ printer
  • Epson 2880 13″ printer
  • Epson 750 flatbed scanner with carriers for up to 8″x10″ negatives
  • Nikon Coolscan 9000ED film scanner

Darkroom Labs


Black and white film developing and print-making are alive and thriving at Art Intersection. Here the photographer can develop and print using the gelatin silver process in two custom built darkrooms.

  • Enlargers capable of enlarging 35mm – 8″x10″ negatives
  • One Aristo VCL4500 variable contrast cold head enlarger
  • One Beseler 810 cold head enlarger
  • One Omega Super Chromega D color head enlarger
  • Three Beseler MX45 enlargers
  • One 12′ x 55″ peninsula sink
  • Trays for printing up to 20″ x 24″ prints
  • Two archival print washers
  • Basic chemistry provided

Black and White Film Developing Darkroom


  • One 8′ x 3′ sink
  • Water chiller for constant 68 deg F water
  • Film drying cabinet with filtered air
  • Canisters for 35mm, 120/220mm, and 4″x5″ film
  • Trays for 4″x5″ – 8″x10″ sheet film
  • Jobo processor for 4″x5″ – 8″x10″ sheet film
  • Basic chemistry provided

Alternative Photographic Process Lab


Our commitment to alternative photographic processes shows in the custom built Alt Process Lab. This dedicated space provides the necessary equipment for coating, exposing and developing hand-coated emulsion processes such as cyanotype, kallitype, platinum, palladium, gum bichromate, and wet plate collodion.

  • Two 6′ x 30″ sinks
  • Nuarc 1000 Watt desktop exposure unit
  • Nuarc 2000 Watt flip-top exposure unit
  • UV fluorescent light exposure box that holds the contact print frames
  • Separate coating room with scales and mixer
  • Six 11″ x 17″ contact print frames for printing in the Arizona sun
  • Chemistry not included

Matting and Mounting


  • Two 60″ mat cutters
  • One 60″ paper trimmer
  • Two 30″ mat cutters
  • 24″x36″ dry mount press

Lighting Studio


  • Studio space, 12’W x 20’D x 10’H
  • Dedicated power outlets
  • Four Alien Bee studio strobes with wireless remotes
  • Selection of soft boxes: square – rectangular – octagon
  • Four CFL continuous lights with octagon soft boxes
  • Two C-Stands with grip arms
  • 9′ seamless, roll backgrounds: white – gray – black
  • 8′ camera stand
  • 4′ x 7′ table for table top work