Tom Speropulos



I was born in Phoenix and grew up in South Phoenix. My interest in photography began shooting with film in the mid-1960’s while in high school where I was on the staff for the school newspaper and yearbook. Primarily self-taught, I have worked as a wedding/event photographer and as a photojournalist covering sports for local weekly newspapers. I began shooting with digital in 2006. Shooting both film and digital, I still take the occasional paid assignment capturing family portraits and events. I shoot with Nikon – Film & Digital and Fuji 645 Medium format.

Artist Statement

I have an eclectic style, meaning I have no focus, (no pun intended) but I do favor street photography, offbeat subjects, and shooting whatever catches my eye. I am currently undergoing a photography love affair with my first high end smart phone. I am honored to be able join the Art Intersection, even if I did have to bribe them to allow me to join.

Tom Speropulos
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