Nick P. Marmolejo


Artist Statement

I am a revealer, a photographer. The purpose of my art is to express my feelings and reactions to the beauty of the world as it is revealed by light. The moods created by the daily and annual cycles of natural light are what I capture with my camera.

When working, whether in black and white or color, my intent is to express to the viewer my vision of form, line, and texture, and like music, black and white photography bypasses the rational mind to touch the heart directly.

Today, I make photographs in a more serendipitous manner. I let the light lead me, and I slow down until I am called, until… I am truly feeling and seeing my photograph. In my best moments I hope to make an image that can create an emotion in the viewer’s heart equivalent to my own.

I use both film and digital cameras to capture my images. My current prints are made with archival pigment inks on museum quality, acid-free, cotton papers. They are archival and rival, even sometimes exceed the quality I have gotten from my silver prints.


Born in 1948 and raised in the Central Valley of California, my photography studies introduced the West Coast masters – Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Brett Weston, and numerous others of that time. Inspired study became the Zone System, published by Ansel Adams, basic and advanced black and white and color photography.

A 1980’s medical event derailed my aviation career. Photography became my life long passion of visible light revealing character and soul of images shared with you the viewer.

This would become a time of contributing, along with other like minded photographers, to development of two, still in existence, all volunteer member operated photo-art galleries – Spectrum Photo Gallery – Fresno California and Viewpoint Photographic Art Center – Sacramento California.

That experience has been the validation of photography as the medium for the experiencing of light as it models and reveals details of and in the landscape.

In 2017 my wife and I moved from Sacramento California to Phoenix Arizona where the desert scenery has become my present focus along with my two children and their families.

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