Sarah S. Curley



Artist Statement

In my current photographic project, “Blue Renewal,” I explore the multiple losses in life that one experiences: death of a loved one, the ending of a long-term relationship, or the loss of a career, and, eventually, how one reaffirms life from such losses. Abstract designs and the color blue serve as the unifying elements in my emotional expression of loss and the ultimate joy or hope that is eventually experienced. For me, the color blue has multiple meanings, from what is dark and unknown to what is the essence of life. The aquatic designs compliment the evolution of my response to loss.


Sarah S. Curley was raised in the Midwest, and worked in New York City and Milwaukee before permanently moving to Arizona over 30 years ago. She currently focuses on the alternative photographic process of cyanotype-on-silk fabric. Her work has been exhibited in a number of juried regional, national, and international shows, including the current Light Sensitive 2018 International Juried Exhibition at Art Intersection in Gilbert, Arizona. She has been juried into The Gallery at el Pedregal, Scottsdale, AZ, where her work is currently being exhibited and sold.

Sarah S. Curley
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