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After Hours Member Mixer

Last night was a blast as we hosted our latest After Hours Member Mixer in our new digs at the Art Intersection Photo Arts Lab! It was such a joy to catch up with our community and chat about all the exciting changes happening at Art Intersection.

Alan gave us a sneak peek into the year ahead with a roadmap jam-packed with awesome events planned for both the Photo Arts Lab and Gallery 4.

And let’s not forget the highlight of the evening—Juan Garcia’s incredible digital prints, crafted from a 4×5 negative under Alan’s guidance, from scan to print. It was a taste of the creative magic we’re cooking up for future gatherings with artists in our Art Intersection community!

We’re excited to dive into this new chapter at Art Intersection. Keep an eye out for more information by signing up for our email newsletter here!


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Little by Little 2023 Opening Reception

This past Saturday marked a delightful occasion as we warmly hosted the artists of Little by Little, along with their families and friends, for the opening night of the exhibition. The crisp autumn air provided the perfect backdrop, adding an extra layer of charm to the evening. It was truly heartening to see the artists in the company of their captivating works, creating a vibrant atmosphere filled with creativity and camaraderie. We’re grateful to have shared this memorable evening with such talented individuals!

These pieces are perfect for holiday gifts, so if one catches your eye send us an email at to make an inquiry! You can find the online gallery of the work here, if you aren’t able to make it to Gallery 4 to see the show in person at HD South.


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Repairing a Jobo Processor Using the Frankenstein Method

Developing 8×10 film can be done a few ways, in a tray, tank dipping, canister, or the easiest way with a German made Jobo processor. Art Intersection proudly owns two Jobos, one graciously donated by a member of Art Intersection and one purchased used about five years ago.

We mainly use the Jobo to develop 8×10 film and when setting up for a film developing session we found  both, for different reasons, were non-functioning. So using the well known Frankenstein method of repair, both Jobos were disassembled, the best parts from both were cleaned, tested, and finally reassembled into one working unit. The working Jobo Processor also received the best “brain” labeled “Abby Normal” (unabashed reference to the movie Young Frankenstein).

Spares parts for repair of future failures were carefully packed away, and now we can get back to trouble free operations and again develop 8×10 film.


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Photogravure Workshop with Karen Hymer

This past weekend at Art Intersection we held a 2 day photogravure printing workshop with Karen Hymer. We had a talented group of students, some with experience in this process and others with none at all. Thank you to Karen Hymer for teaching this workshop!

Over the course of 2 days the students learned each step in the photogravure process which included exposing their positive under UV light onto a photopolymer plate. After the plate was exposed and the imaged was etched in, they coated with ink and learned different processes for wiping and removing the ink.

Karen Hymer explained that using the correct wiping techniques creates great contrast and highlights in the final print. Using your photograph as a guide, you can determine which areas need strong shadows and which parts you want more highlight.

Next, our 1870s etching press was used to stamp the plate onto wet paper creating a beautiful one of a kind print embossed into the beautiful art paper.

Students explored different mixtures of ink which created different colors, changing the outcome of contrast and highlight, as well as different types of paper.

We have new workshops at Art Intersection nearly every month, don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn a new unique process! Our next workshop is Tri-Color Gum Printing with Diana Bloomfield!

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Platinum Palladium Workshop with Ryuijie

Thank you to everyone who joined us on February 1st for a one-day Platinum Palladium Workshop with Ryuijie!

We had a talented and eager to learn group of students who created beautiful prints. In just one day, students were taught this 19th century process and took home at least 2 or 3 prints of their images.

We have new workshops at Art Intersection nearly every month, don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn a new unique process! Our next workshop is Tri-Color Gum Printing with Diana Bloomfield!

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Local Photographer Travels to Romania

Local Photographer Travels to Romania,
Lives Daily Life of Peasant Ancestors

For 25 years, local photographer Emily Matyas captured the Mexican spirit and heritage on film while living in Sonora, Mexico. In October, she decided it was time to catalogue her own heritage, a journey that would take her to the distant peasant villages of Romania.

Emily Matyas - Morning in the Beautiful Room 600px

Image “Morning in the Beautiful Room” by Emily Matyas

For Tempe photographer Emily Matyas, her deceased father’s Romanian heritage was always a mystery, a missing piece in the puzzle of her sense of self. In Oct. 2013, she decided it was time to fill in the blanks.

With friend and fellow photographer Kathleen Laraia McLaughlin, an adjunct professor at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, Emily made her way to the Romanian village of Sarbi, where she would spend 10 days taking self-portraits as she lived the life of her peasant ancestors — wearing the traditional garb, helping with the exhausting chores, and interacting with the locals.

“I decided to photograph myself as if I were my grandmother, as if I had lived there all my life,” Emily said. “You can hear all the stories you want about your relatives, but when you actually go and experience their lives, it is a totally different level of understanding.”

Though Emily admits she often felt like a fish out of water living in a village of outhouses, haystacks and ancient customs, she said the trip helped her understand her identity more fully.

“This experience had to do with belonging,” said Matyas. “I had to find out where I belonged and this trip made me feel complete. If people have questions about their heritage or identity, then these photos may represent a way to find what they are looking for.”

People will have the chance to view Emily’s photographs, along with seven other up-and-coming photographers, during “Home Bound,” an art exhibition Jan. 17 to Feb. 28 at Gilbert’s Art Intersection (207 North Gilbert Road, Suite 201, Gilbert).

“The exhibition looks at the main differences of perspective on what we think of as home,” said “Home Bound” Curator Carol Panaro-Smith. “The work is full of beauty, but also makes us think about our home, experience and heritage.”

Other photographers featured will include LA-based artist Kristin Bedford, whose images of the “Father Divine” religious sect were recently featured in the New York Times, and Daniel Coburn, a Kansas-based photographer whose first book “The Hereditary Estate” is due for release April 14.

“People are bound to home, for better or for worse,” said Matyas. “I would hope that the viewers can take away different meanings of home that support and guide them in their lives.”

Emily Matyas - Walking Into the Picture 600x400px

Image “Walking Into the Picture” by Emily Matyas

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Highlighted Submissions to Light Sensitive 2014

Below you will find one image from each of the artists submitting to Light Sensitive 2014. With one or two exceptions, these are not the images that have been juried into Light Sensitive 2014. On March 8th, when the physical exhibition opens, the images in the exhibition will be placed into an online gallery on our exhibition page.

Each year at Art Intersection we celebrate the art of hand-crafted photographic processes in the juried exhibition Light Sensitive. This year we welcome juror Tom Persinger and now, with the exhibition now reaching internationally, we have our first ever entries from France, UK, Canada, Colombia, and Ecuador. 

It is encouraging to see so many artists making traditional process work in a new and exciting way! We were so impressed with all of the submissions sent, that we’ve decided to highlight one image from every submitter in an online gallery of their own, to celebrate their work. Thank you to all of the artists who submitted to Light Sensitive 2014 and we hope to see more of your work in the future!

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Eternal Platinum Opening

The opening of Eternal Platinum marks Art Intersection’s third anniversary. Our first exhibition on January 17, 2011 was Out of the Blue: Contemporary Cyanotype Invitational. Once again we went to a traditional process that offers a unique, and distinctive presentation of an image. On exhibition in the North and South Galleries are exquisite works from artists that have not been shown before at Art Intersection.

Eternal Platinum-13

A platinum print is an exceptionally beautiful and everlasting image presented through a wide range of subtle tones. The creation of a contemporary platinum print, whether from film or digital camera, remains an intimate, handcrafted process. The artist begins by hand coating an art paper with a platinum or platinum/palladium solution, exposing the sensitized paper to ultra-violet light, and then hand processing the exposed paper to create the final, permanent print. No two prints are ever identical.

This exhibition is in conjunction with PhotoTapas, celebrating the art of photography in Arizona during the month of February.


  • Dick Arentz
  • Scott B. Davis, courtesy of Etherton Gallery
  • Joy Goldkind, courtesy of Tilt Gallery
  • Charles Grogg, courtesy of Etherton Gallery
  • David Johndrow
  • Stan Klimek
  • Andrea Modica, courtesy of Tilt Gallery
  • Jean-Claude Mougin, courtesy of Tilt Gallery
  • Keith Schreiber


This year begins an expansion of our gallery program to include the representation of artists who will be shown in Ryan Gallery. The East Gallery has been renamed the Ryan Gallery and will serve as the space for presentation of  works by the represented artists. During Eternal Platinum in the Ryan Gallery, with platinum prints, are the following artists:

  • Michael T. Puff
  • Ryuijie
  • Terry Towery

In the future we will show the works of additional represented artists with prints produced in the darkroom using processes including cyanotype, gelatin silver, kallitype, etc.


Below are the incredibly nice parents of Charles Grogg, standing in front of one of four images by Charles.

Eternal Platinum Grogs

Jim and Carol standing in front of work by Dick Arentz. Carol worked through much of last year to curate this show. She worked directly with the artists, as well as two Arizona galleries to bring this work to Art Intersection. Thank you Carol for a great job. Also, thank you to Tilt Gallery and Etherton Gallery for making this work available to Art Intersection.

Eternal Hajicek Panaro Smith

Two close friends of Art Intersection, David Emitt Adams and Rosie Shipley. Rosie will be the juror for our upcoming student photography exhibition, Emerge. Thank you Rosie. David was the juror for last year’s Emerge exhibition.

Eternal Platinum Adams + Shipley

Randy Efros, well know photographer and arts patron joined us. One of his images hangs permanently at Art Intersection.

Eternal Platinum Alan Randy

Mark and Becky Godfrey and Chris Palmer and Tammy Cowden never miss an opening. Mark’s company Parker Madison is the marketing firm for Art Intersection. Both Chris and Tammy have had their work on exhibition at Art Intersection in the past.

Eternal Platinum Mark Becky Chris Tammy

Jamie Fitzgerald, Debra Wilson, and Alan Fitzgerald in the Ryan Gallery. Debra works behind the scene at Art Intersection making sure the bills are paid and the business pieces stay organized. Jamie practices acupuncture nearby at The Healing Point. Alan, well we’re not sure what he does, but he drinks most of the coffee.

Eternal Platinum Jamie Debra Alan

James Hajicek and Mary Kay Zeeb discussing the platinum process. Jim taught the non-silver curriculum at ASU, and was a professor there for over 30 years. Mary Kay teaches, and is an instructor for the Italy Workshop.

Eternal Platinum James Mary Kay

Neil Miller and Marilyn Miller never miss an opening or event at Art Intersection. As always Neil has his camera around his neck, but tonight it’s different, he is shooting with an infra-red flash and filter. He will co-instruct the upcoming infra-red workshop.

Eternal Platinum Neil Miller

North Gallery with Dick Arentz and Keith Schreiber.

Eternal Platinum-1

South Gallery with Scott B. Davis, Charles Grogg, David Johndrow, Stan Klemick, Andrea Modica, and Jean-Claude Mougin.

Eternal Platinum-4

Eternal Platinum-5

Ryan Gallery with Michael T. Puff, Ryuijie, and Terry Towery.

Eternal Platinum-7

Eternal Platinum-8

Eternal Platinum-11

Eternal Platinum-10 

Allen Dutton Recipient of INFOCUS Founders Award

Allen Dutton transformed his students into photographers. His name comes into many conversations with visitors to Art Intersection for whom he was a teacher and mentor. Congratulations Allen, and thank you for your contribution to the Arizona photography community.

Following is the press release from INFOCUS.

INFOCUS Founders Award - Release

(PHOENIX, Ariz.) INFOCUS, the photography support organization of Phoenix Art Museum, has named Arizona photographer Allen Dutton the first-ever recipient of its INFOCUS Founders Award. The award honors an individual, business or organization whose efforts have advanced the cause and improved public awareness of fine art photography in Arizona.

“Through his work as an educator, photographer and curator at Phoenix College, Allen Dutton has made many contributions to the field during five decades here in Arizona,” remarked Dr. Rebecca Senf, the Norton Family Curator of Photography at the Center for Creative Photography and Phoenix Art Museum. “We’re pleased to recognize his remarkable achievements.”

Dutton is perhaps best known to Arizonans for his celebrated book, Arizona Then & Now. He also founded the photography program at Phoenix College, the flagship campus of the Maricopa Community Colleges. Dutton joined the art department at Phoenix College in 1960 and eventually became department head and photography program director, retiring in 1982.

While at Phoenix College, Dutton assembled a collection of works by some of the 20th century’s most important photographers, including Nathan Lyons, Brett and Edward Weston, Ansel Adams, Paul Caponigro and Minor White, and began an exhibition program at the College. Few college campuses were teaching photography then, and even fewer collecting the medium, and Dutton quickly created a photography program that at the time was considered the finest in the western United States. His exhibitions gained national recognition and exposed a generation of students to the works of these master photographers.  

The photography program at Phoenix College continues today, and in 2010, the Allen A. Dutton Center for Photography, a suite of labs and classroom space, was dedicated in the new Phoenix College Fine Arts Building in recognition of Dutton’s lasting contributions to the program.

A prolific photographer, Dutton has exhibited his work worldwide and published eight books. He is represented in numerous public collections, including the Center for Creative Photography, Yale University Art Gallery and The Museum of Modern Art, to name a few. The Arizona Historical Society houses an archive of more than 25,000 of Dutton’s photographs documenting the state’s people and places.

Dutton will receive the INFOCUS Founders Award at Phoenix Art Museum on Friday, Oct. 18, at the annual INFOCUS PhotoBid Silent Auction, which begins at 5:30 p.m. PhotoBid showcases more than 50 signed limited-edition prints and books by acclaimed photographers throughout Arizona and the United States. Admission to the event is $25, and tickets are available through Proceeds from the event benefit INFOCUS, the Museum’s support organization that fosters the appreciation and advancement of photography through educational programs, exhibitions and publications.

SPONSORS INFOCUS PhotoBid 2013 is made possible by the generous support of Benefactors: David E. Adler Oriental Rugs, PHX Architecture, Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Ternes II; Supporters: Affiliated Eye Surgeons, John and Naomi Berry, Randy Efros, Fine Art Framing, 422 Framing & Gallery, Jaburg & Wilk, PC, Sassy Glasses; Contributors: Arizona Sinus Center, Meltdown Glass, Randall Bohl Photography.


Phoenix Art Museum, 1625 N. Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85004. Directions and parking information are available at


Phoenix Art Museum has provided access to visual arts and educational programs in Arizona for more than 50 years and is the largest art museum in the Southwestern United States. Critically acclaimed national and international exhibitions are shown alongside the Museum’s collection of more than 17,000 works of American, Asian, European, Latin American, Western American, modern and contemporary art, and fashion design. The Museum also hosts a comprehensive film program, live performances and educational programs designed to entertain and educate visitors of all ages. Visitors also enjoy vibrant photography exhibitions through the Museum’s landmark partnership with the Center for Creative Photography, University of Arizona. To learn more about Phoenix Art Museum, visit, or call the 24-hour recorded information line at (602) 257-1222.

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