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No Strangers Member Exhibition

This twelfth annual No Strangers exhibition once again celebrates the diverse range of artwork created by Art Intersection members. This annual exhibition showcases the creative energy from the vision and talent of our members.

Memberships support Art Intersection, and through our membership program we strive to create an engaging atmosphere for creativity, networking, sharing work, and learning from each other. From a range of membership levels including Student, Friend, Sponsor, Patron and Collector, you can find the membership that works best for you!

Call for Work – Little by Little

Little by Little, an exhibition of small artworks will present a wide variety of art expressed in a size no more than twelve-inches (12″ x 12″ x 12″) in any dimension. Amazingly beautiful and impactful small works of art presented in a dedicated exhibition that pulls you in for a closer look!

Our juror will select strong works of art in all media, including painting, drawing, sculpture, textile, photography, printmaking, metals, wood, digital media, and more, all presented perfectly in this intimate twelve-inch small format. 

Important Exhibit Dates

  • September 25: Online submissions due midnight Arizona MST
  • September 30: Email notification of artists selected for exhibition
  • October 22: Deliver selected ready to install work
  • November 5: Opening reception
  • November 5 through December 30: Exhibition dates
  • January 5 – 12: Pick up work and return shipping begins

Please carefully read the instructions and terms below, the Submission form and Payment link are at the bottom of this page. 

Instructions and Terms for Submission

– Artists must be at least 18 years old
– The works submitted must be the sole and original creation of the exhibiting artist(s)
– Submission of collaborative work is encouraged
– Works previously exhibited at Art Intersection are not eligible for submission

Submission Fee
– $30 for up to three works and you may submit additional works for $10 each
– There is no limit to the number of submissions you may make
– All fees must be paid before submissions are accepted

Acceptable Work
– Work accepted for review can be any visual media, 2 or 3-dimensional
– Final presentation size must 12-inches or less in all dimensions, including all framing
– Two-dimensional work must be ready to hang
– Three-dimensional work must be free standing or include a stand/pedestal
   – We have some pedestals available

Required Information
– Legal Name / Artist Name / Address / Phone / eMail
– Bio / Artist Statement
– Artwork Title / Date Created / Medium / Retail Price
– JPEG images sized on the short side to 5-inches at 300dpi and less than 2 Mbytes

Delivery of Work
– You may deliver work in person, or ship the work in a reusable container
– Work that does not arrive by the deadline may not be included in the show
– All shipping, return shipping, handling, and packaging expenses are your responsibility

Return of Work
– You or a representative may pick up work that is not sold
– Art Intersection can return ship work at your expense
– Art Intersection is not responsible for packaging materials, handling, or shipping expenses
– Work unclaimed for more than 21 days after the shipping date will be considered abandoned

– You are responsible for professional presentation and all work must be ready to install upon delivery
– Any work not ready for installation may not be included in the exhibition, at our discretion
– No digital signatures of any kind on artwork will be accepted

Retail Price of Work
All work must be for sale and the retail price must be under $500
– The split of the artwork price is 60% to the Artist and 40% to Art Intersection
– Discounts up to 10% may be offered to buyers at the discretion of Art Intersection
– You must provide a tax ID/SSN or W9 if sales commission to you equals $600 or more

– All work must be labeled with Artist name and Title

– Art Intersection is not responsible for the loss or damage of works while in transit
– All work will be insured by Art Intersection from delivery to last pickup / shipping date

Art Intersection Reserves the Right to Use Images of Submitted Work
– Social media marketing
– On our website
– In our printed marketing materials
– Other materials used for promotion

– The Artist retains ownership and copyright of all submitted work
– Upon sale of work only the ownership of the work transfers to the buyer

– Submission of your Application indicates acceptance of all terms and conditions of this exhibition requirements stated above

Little by Little Submission Fee


Light Sensitive

Art Intersection presents Light Sensitive, our twelfth, international juried exhibition of images created using traditional darkroom, historical, and alternative photographic processes and methods. This year we are honored to have photographer and alternative photography process artisan Elizabeth Opalenik jury the submitted work.

As we have seen technology trends continue to drive digital photography and presentation, Light Sensitive highlights art from artists working in traditional and historical printing processes.

Light Sensitive seeks to celebrate, promote, and reaffirm the art of handcrafted prints that uniquely belong to the tradition of light sensitive creative processes. Each year we are in search for work that represents creativity, passion, and displays the beauty of these light sensitive processes.

Banner images by Randall Tosh, Lynn Bierbaum, Mary Nation


Choosing awards in the diverse juried selections of this year’s Light Sensitive presents the challenge to weigh qualitative aesthetics of the presentation, with the strength of the image, and technical mastery of the process. From cyanotype to platinum to ambrotype prints, the wide gamut of techniques and presentations made a formidable task to assign awards. Presenting awards acknowledges accomplishment and excellence in presentation, image, and technique, and encourage everyone to continue to push their work through into the next level.

Congratulations to the awardees and everyone juried into Light Sensitive.

First Place – Lou McCorkle
Second Place – Marita Gootee
Third Place – William W. Fuller
Award of Excellence for Collaborative Work – Kenro Izu / Veritas Editions
Honorable Mentions – Gary Baker, Chuck Davis, Sarah S. Curley, Jon Jeffery, Annie Lopez, Marek Matusz, Alyssa McKenna, Mary A.  Nation, Cyd Peroni, Phyllis Schwartz, Fred Ullrich, Angela Franks Wells, Ryan Zoghlin

About the Juror

Elizabeth spun a map on a lazy-susan in 1968 and left home to the sound of peace marches and her mother saying, “I knew you were different from the time you were two.” She discovered photography as a metaphor for life in 1979 at the Maine Photographic Workshops and discovered passion and possibilities in Provence in 1983 where she later began her evolution as a Mordançeuse. Traveling through six continents, camera in hand, she connects life’s possibilities through teaching workshops, humanitarian projects and making art. 

“I am a photographic artist, educator and freelance photographer traveling the world with my camera and I love it. Philanthropic projects keep me grounded and connected universally.

I believe that all good photographs are self portraits and know that my many former lives manifest themselves in my images. My heart is still in my darkroom working in the Mordançage process, but I use today’s technology when appropriate to explore all the creative paths.

My photographs are collected and published internationally and all work is for sale. Mordançage images are unique, others are silver gelatin, platinum, hand painted or digitally printed in very limited editions on beautiful handmade papers.”

– Elizabeth Opalenik

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Mordançage Workshop with Elizabeth Opalenik

3-day Mordançage Workshop with Elizabeth Opalenik, July 15, 16, 17, 2022, from 9am to 5pm each day with lunch included.

I vividly remember that first Provence meeting in 1983 when I heard Jean-Pierre Sudre say, “In mordançage you have the possibility….” For the next 30 summers I visited his studio and work discovering them all while learning the process in 1991 directly from this master. In this workshop we shall begin with a brief history of the mordançage process, looking at original work as we gather valuable insight into directions for making it your own creative voice.

Together we mix the chemistry and begin with an instructor demonstration on understanding the test strips to discover proper exposures for negatives and working with photograms, which is the best way to learn the possibilities. Mordançage takes time to master when working with intent and begins with a darkroom print. Information on making negatives, film or digital, and materials to bring shall be sent prior to the workshop. You will discover, when the silver print is put through the mordançage solution, the silver gelatin in the densest areas of the photographic print swell and can be removed with the pressure of a jet of water or cotton ball. Darkroom days will be spent testing various paper and redeveloper combinations, experimenting with oxidation, toners and hand painting to alter color, and deciding to save or not to save the veils. Often, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Papers, chemicals and notebooks with formulas will be supplied. 

After more than 30 years of committing to the mordançage process, Elizabeth has many possibilities, pitfalls and discoveries to share. Working collectively with a group of photographic peers, students can combine information on papers available today to further enhance their creativity. Experimenting is highly encouraged. A working knowledge of the darkroom is essential.

As artists, we much each find our way and hope to leave something of value behind. The “draped spidery veils” in the images are my contribution to this process, accomplished by using my breathe or drops of water to preserve and alter the delicate floating silver skin. As such, each piece is unique and truly made by hand even when created using the same negative.

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All Art Arizona Opening Reception

Art Intersection’s eleventh-annual All Art Arizona exhibition opened its doors on May 14th, 2022! Local artists, their families, and their friends joined us for wonderful evening to discuss and appreciate the talent and broad range of creativity here at home.

Here are some images from that evening!

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Call for Work – Picturing Resistance

Submission Deadline Extended To
Thursday, August 4

Submit your images taken from marches, protests, rallies, and demonstrations, whether you are in solidarity with the marchers or documenting their voices. Your images should show people, in the public view, voicing their passion for change. This Picturing Resistance exhibition at Art Intersection gives your photographs visibility and exposes the energy you captured.

There are no timeframe restrictions for photographs, only that you are the photographer or you own the copyright to an historical image from your collection. We wish to present the landscape of people engaged in the act of creating change by exercising their right to be noisy.

If you use a phone camera to photograph protests and marches, let us know if you need help printing images from your phone for this exhibition.

Our juror, Ken Light, photographer, author, and a Reva and David Logan Professor of Photojournalism at the University of California, Berkeley, will select from submitted images.

Melanie Light and Ken Light’s book, Picturing Resistance, serves as the inspiration for this juried exhibition, and a must own book for anyone interested in social justice movements in the past seven decades. 

In Ryan gallery Ken Light’s images from his book Midnight La Frontera will be shown during the Picturing Resistance exhibition. 

About the Juror
Ken Light, a freelance documentary photographer for over fifty years, focuses on social issues facing America. A recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship, his work has been published in twelve books, in magazines, exhibitions and numerous anthologies, exhibition catalogues and a variety of media, digital and motion picture.

His most recent book Course of the Empire, published by Steidl, portrays a decade of mounting tension in a polarized America, from Wall Street to the rural heartland and is a portrait of the American social landscape and is a riveting historical and visual record of a complicated country in a complicated time.

Midnight La Frontera (TBW Books) illustrates, in piercing words and in strobe lit images caught against the dark of night, the struggle and defiance of those who make the perilous hike for days and weeks in search of the American Dream.

Important Picturing Resistance Exhibition Dates

  • August 4: Online submissions due by midnight Arizona time
  • August 9: Email notification of artists selected for exhibition
  • August 27: Deliver selected work ready to install
  • September 10: Opening reception 5pm to 8pm
  • September 10 through October 22: Exhibition dates
  • October 27: Work available for pickup 
  • November 3: Work shipping begins 
Step One: Read the Submission Guidelines


Step Two: Read the Exhibition Agreement


Step Three: Complete the Submission Form


Step Four: Pay in the Blue Box Above

Banner image by Ken Light

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No Strangers Members Exhibition

This year’s No Strangers exhibition presents a diverse range of artwork created by Art Intersection members. This annual exhibition showcases the creative energy from the vision and talent of our members.

Memberships support Art Intersection, and through our membership program we strive to create an engaging atmosphere for creativity, networking, sharing work, and learning from each other. From a range of membership levels including Student, Friend, Sponsor, Patron and Collector, you can find the membership that works best for you!

Banner images by James Syme, Charlene Engel, Jason Salecki

Little by Little

Little by Little, a juried exhibition of small artworks, presents a wide variety of art expressed in a size no more than twelve-inches in any dimension. Amazing, beautiful, and impactful small works of art presented in a dedicated exhibition from a more intimate viewpoint that begs for a closer look!

These incredible artworks make wonderful gifts for family, friends, or for you too. If you purchase a piece, we will take it off the wall to take it home with you that day. 

Banner images by Brandi Kole, Liz Nicklus, Tamera Poff