Richard Jackson


Co-founder of Hance Partners, Inc with his wife Kathy Lampros, Richard has been a printmaker for more than 40 years. Starting in the darkroom at an early age, Richard has seen photography and printmaking change in ways he could not have imagined.

Richard printed for clients such as National Geographic photographers, Steve McCurry, Michael “Nick” Nichols, Steve Winter, Annie Griffiths, Flip Nicklin, Joe McNally, Jodi Cobb and Ami Vitale. Richard also printed for well know Arizona photographers such as Gary Ladd, Jack Dykinga, Joel Grimes, Paul Gill, Suzanne Mathia, Jeff Kida and many more. Richard also printed works for internationally known photographers Jeff Wall, Thomas D. Mangelsen and Frans Lanting. Richard has produced exhibits for Museums such as the Smithsonian, Philadelphia Art Museum, National Geographic Museum, the Heard Museum and the Museum of Northern Arizona. He has also collaborated on projects with archivists from The Getty Museum, Amon Carter Museum, Metropolitan Art Museum and Museum of Modern Art.

Richard focuses on understanding his client’s expectation of the image in its finished form prior to beginning. Knowing how to ask the right questions and listening carefully helps Richard to meet or exceed client expectations. “Understanding the photographer’s vision of each image is critical to achieving a successful print. “

Richard currently helps photographers produce exhibits, consults to photographers making match prints for museum and gallery exhibits and to archivists on technical processes, workflow management and color management.

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