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Repairing a Jobo Processor Using the Frankenstein Method

Developing 8×10 film can be done a few ways, in a tray, tank dipping, canister, or the easiest way with a German made Jobo processor. Art Intersection proudly owns two Jobos, one graciously donated by a member of Art Intersection and one purchased used about five years ago.

We mainly use the Jobo to develop 8×10 film and when setting up for a film developing session we found  both, for different reasons, were non-functioning. So using the well known Frankenstein method of repair, both Jobos were disassembled, the best parts from both were cleaned, tested, and finally reassembled into one working unit. The working Jobo Processor also received the best “brain” labeled “Abby Normal” (unabashed reference to the movie Young Frankenstein).

Spares parts for repair of future failures were carefully packed away, and now we can get back to trouble free operations and again develop 8×10 film.


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