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Little by Little

Art Intersection presents Little by Little, our first ever exhibition of small artwork. We are excited to feature pieces, all ten inches or smaller in every direction, from over sixty artists nationally!

Juror, Dr. Julie Sasse, Chief Curator at the Tucson Museum of Art selected a diverse range of processes and presentations, highlighting the unique experience of viewing art on a small scale. Take a closer look at this work in the North Gallery. 

Juror’s Statement

It has been a great pleasure to serve as the guest juror for Art Intersection’s Little by Little. I am honored to be selected for this opportunity because it gives me a chance to learn more about new art being exhibited in the Southwest and to become better acquainted with Art Intersection’s supportive environment for the arts. My thanks go to the many artists who submitted works for this exhibition and to the Art Intersection team who organized this project.

This exhibition gives the viewer a snapshot of the creative ideas and originality and artists’ heartfelt connections to their mediums and concepts. Arizona has limited venues for emerging and mid-career artists to exhibit their work compared to more densely populated states, so this exhibition offers a link between the creative product and those who derive pleasure and insight from viewing it. 

This is a small works exhibition, but that does not mean the works are less in content or aesthetic and conceptual value. I believe artists should make art in the scale that best serves their ideas, and if the works are small, they are still important if created with sincerity. Some of the most poignant works I have seen over the years are not the most grand in scale, but suitable for the message intended. If anything, small works allow us to concentrate on an idea and an image because of the intimacy provided by the unassuming, though purposeful size. They encourage us to block out the noise of the gigantic in favor of contemplative statements. I hope you will enjoy Little by Little and let yourself connect to the works in a personal relationship. 

– Dr. Julie Sasse, guest juror

Little by Little Exhibition


Featured Artists

Devon Adams, Bob Allen, Wendy Blackwell, Sandy Blain, Andy Burgess, Christine Cassano, Michael Chittock, Annemarie Comes, Dennis L. Collins, Adrian Cornejo, James Cowlin, Christine Elysse Crossen, Scarlette Decker, Kimberly DeMucha Kalil, Mary Donato, Charlene Engel, Jennifer Fair, Jeff Falk, Suzanne Fallender, Sam Fresquez, Valerie Galloway, Denis Gillingwater, Tina Hays, Kathi Hofferth, Karen Hymer, Barbra Kemp Cowlin, Jo Kubran, Dida Kutz, Maria La Porte, Leslie Evans, Annie Lopez, Rachael Lyn, Amy Sansbury Manning, Linda Marshall, Scott McMahon, Terry Melser, Mary Meyer, Neil A. Miller, Tess Mosko Scherer, Clare Murray-Adams, Nadezda Nikolova Kratzer, Michael O’Neal, Jessica Page, Chris Palmer, Cyd Peroni, Chance Phillips, Elizabeth Z. Pineda, Joanna Proffitt, Jill Roig, Samantha Schwann, T. W. Sharp, Marvin Shaver, Deborah Silvis, Megan Smith, Laura Spalding Best, Janique Suazo, Mark Timpany, Ann Tracy, Shari Trennert, A. O. Tucker, Erin Tucker, Ashley Walden, Jeff D. Welker, Victoria Westover, Hyewon Yoon, Scott Carlton Youmans

Emerge 2017 – Student Photography Exhibition

Art Intersection presents the seventh annual Emerge exhibition with works from student photographers enrolled in Arizona high schools, community colleges, art schools, and universities across the state. Clare Benson, a local photographer, interdisciplinary artist and educator, juried this year’s show.

As part of our mission to support emerging artists, we offer student photographers an opportunity to show their work in the North and South Galleries at Art Intersection. In addition to the exhibition, prizes will be awarded for Best in Show, sponsored by Through Each Others Eyes, Best of Post-High School, sponsored by Tempe Camera and Best of High School, sponsored by local patrons Kelly and Dennis Collins. INFOCUS, the Photography Support Group of the Phoenix Art Museum, will award a Student Membership to each of the three winners.

About the Juror

Clare Benson is a photographer and interdisciplinary artist from the United States. Her work has been exhibited and screened throughout the US and internationally. In 2014/2015, she received a Fulbright Fellowship to conduct research in northern Sweden at the Swedish Institute of Space Physics. Other recent awards include the Magenta Foundation Flash Forward, PDN Emerging Photographer, and the Joyce Elaine Grant Solo Show Award.

Benson earned her MFA at University of Arizona in Tucson, and her BFA at Central Michigan University.

Juror’s Statement

I can vividly remember the first photograph I made as a student. Armed with a pinhole camera that I had painted and taped and pin-pricked, I went outside, behind the art building, where sculpture students had their foundry and kilns and scrap materials. There was a plain wooden classroom chair, weathered from rain and sun, that I dragged to the center of the asphalt floor, imagining that it might speak as a symbol of absence and isolation, in the midst of this surreal industrial-looking space. I kneeled to the ground, pulling the piece of electrical tape that covered the aperture of my shoe box camera. I stared into this seemingly simple scene, hoping to absorb the moment in the same way that I understood the camera might. Light and darkness danced through a tiny window and onto the back wall of that miniature room. In the developing tray, I watched an image slowly appear, like a backward-fading memory, or something from a dream. The midday sky was black as night. The shadow of the chair glowed like the sun through thin overcast clouds. The entire space stretched out its long arms, pulling toward the sides of the page, blurring at the very ends, from the frayed edges of aluminum foil. Even when converted to a positive image, the world in this photograph looked nothing like the world that I had seen, but everything like the one that I had felt.

As photographers, and especially as photography students, we are constantly learning to re-see the world, using different techniques, processes, perspectives, and formats. In jurying this exhibition, I searched for moments of surprise and newness, which I remember so well from my years of studying photography. I looked at these images as stripped down fragments—concept, craft, and exploration—all existing on separate planes. Each is developed through learning and practice; sometimes all together, and sometimes in different stages. Some works display elements of all three, while some push farther into one than another, but all of them speak to processes of discovery, and the development of one’s voice as an image-maker.

I am impressed with the caliber and boldness of work by all of the Arizona students who submitted images for this exhibition, and I am grateful for the opportunity to see the world through so many different lenses; grateful to be reminded of the time, long ago, that my own world became animated with new life inside a light-tight shoe box.

Clare Benson

Emerge 2017 Sponsors

Thank you to the sponsors of this Emerge exhibition for their support of emerging Arizona student photographers. The acknowledgement of quality and the experience gained when participating in a juried exhibition can vault an emerging photographer to reach their next level of photography.

Overall Best in Show Sponsor
Through Each Others Eyes

Thank you to Through Each Others Eyes for sponsoring the Best in Show prize. Through Each Others Eyes develops exchanges with photographers in other countries for the purpose of documenting photographically a new culture from the viewpoint of an outsider.

Best of Post-High School Sponsor
Tempe Camera


We thank Tempe Camera for their sponsorship of the Post High School prize. Tempe Camera is an important part of the Arizona photography community and they demonstrate their commitment to emerging photographers through their ongoing support of educational programs.

Best of High School
Dennis and Kelly Collins

Thank you to Dennis and Kelly Collins, both artists and patrons of the arts, for their generous gift. 

“After quitting school at sixteen, it wasn’t until I returned for my Bachelors in Fine Arts at forty-five that I realized how important the education I had missed was. I hope this small gift is the catalyst and encouragement for a young artist to pursue their education and passion for their art.” – Dennis Collins

Award to Each Best in Show Artist

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 11.23.43 AM

INFOCUS, a vibrant support organization of Phoenix Art Museum (PAM), is composed of people actively interested in photography as a dynamic art form. Photographers, collectors, and photography enthusiasts working together enable INFOCUS to provide a high-quality forum for the study, display and production of fine art photographs. A Student Membership will be awarded to each of the three artists receiving a Best in Show award.

Emerge 2017


Featured Artists

Mia Elena Acosta, Amanda Maria Beall, Angelina Benner, Autumn Bibbee-Wright, Emily Bozovich, Alacia Marie Carlisle, Granville Lee Carroll III, Natali Castro, Michael Coomer, Tristan Craig, Jeny Davis, Naomi Jo Davis, Kate Dawes, Kaden Dawson, Kymber Derrick, Joi Dunne Moore, Conor Elliott Fitzgerald, Pam Golden, Willow Greene Smith, Emily Dawn Gross, Trini Guevara, Kyle Erik Gundersen, Josh Gutierrez, Ethan Haddad, Peyton Elizabeth Hathaway, Emilee AnnMarie Haver Steagall, Amy Hector, Adella Helton, Marissa Holmberg, Kaishun Huang945, John Isner, Hao Jiang, John Terry Johnson, Cassidy Johnson, Aiden Josic, Isabella Elise Joy, Jessica Knight, Leif D. Lake, Alyssa Kay Lawson, Claudia Lopez, Olaff Lopez, Kaylee Lund, Ezekiel Johnson Lyman, Hannah Manuelito, Jonathan Marquis, Katelin Mason, Lloyd Matthews, I. Brooks McAllister, Leandra Davey Miller, Madeleine Milner, Jared Moreno, Regan Norton, Natali Olvera, Olivia Parker-Swenson, Danielle McKenna Perkins, Jessica Peters, Emma Phillips, Brooke Pusillo, Ethan Roads, Azalea Patricia Rodriguez, Noah Romney, Travis Samuelson, Stephen Sanchez, Basil Savage, Monique Sherman, Elizabeth Smith, Megan Smith, Noah Smith, Claire Marie Sorensen, Alonzo Soto Granados, Eugene Starobinskiy, Victoria Marie Strandberg, Andraya Elizabeth Straub, Fabioo Thomas, Erin Tucker, Phoebe VanGelder, Lauren Walters, Wang Weian, Willa Grayce Whiting, Landon Wiggs, Bethany Amanda Wilcken, Xana Wilcoxson, Keegan Will, Jennifer Williamson, Brooke Wright, Sam Wynne, James Young

 Header image by Mia Elena Acosta

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Independent Presence Exhibition


Independent Presence, an exhibition bringing the mystery, nature and narrative themes of six independent artists, delivers the power of presence through work ranging from pinhole cameras and darkroom alchemy to digital capture. Each artist, with her own style and vision, shares a connection, linked together through Salon Jane.

These innovative artists escape the deep-rooted West Coast tradition of straight photography to transcend the ordinary by creating work that captures their essence. Through their relationship in the safe and supportive environment of Salon Jane, each artist seeks to expand her creativity, experiment with artistic ideas, and receive honest feedback to push the boundaries of their craft so they can continue to innovate in an already over-saturated discipline.

Artist Talk in the Gallery

An Artist Talk  precedes the opening reception giving us the opportunity to hear from these accomplished artists as they discuss their work and background, creative processes, and the connection that brings them together through Salon Jane. You can expect an engaging discussion offering insights to their individual work and the synergy generated through their commitment to supporting each other’s creative growth.


Artists of Salon Jane – Robin V. Robinson, Jane Olin, Robin Ward, Martha Casanave, Susan Hyde Greene, Anna Rheim


Sui Generis

The avant-garde rock ‘n roll diva, Nina Hagen, said it most clearly: “I know who I am and I am willing to declare myself.” To declare yourself you must first find your place in the world – a physical place, a technical place, a psychological spiritual emotional place – a place from which you can do the work you are meant to do.  Without such a place it is difficult to speak authentically on the issues you mean to address. 

The artists in this exhibition have found their place by the whole variety of means that artists use to decide who they are, but particularly by extracting themselves from the embrace of two photographic traditions that have become oppressive (West Coast landscape photography and conceptual photography) thereby freeing their intuitions to guide them towards the work they truly need to do.  The resulting work belongs to no school of photography but is rather more sui generis – it generates itself out of intuition, out of perception, out of spiritual emotional and psychological relationships with the subject matter, and out of an intimate but lighthearted relationship with photography’s notorious technical side, all to the effect that these artists know who they are and are willing to declare themselves.

– David Bayles
Co-author of the well-known book Art & Fear: Observations on the Perils (and Rewards) of Artmaking

West Coast Focus – E6 – Pushing the Wet Darkroom from Steve Zmak on Vimeo.

Artist Bios

Martha Casanave has been a working, exhibiting, and award-winning photographer and educator for 40 years. She currently teaches photography at Monterey Peninsula College and Cabrillo College. Casanave has published four books of her work. Her latest monograph, Trajectories, A Half Century of Portraits (Image Continuum Press) was released in 2013. Casanave’s photographs are included in many major collections, including the J. Paul Getty Museum, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Bibliotheque Nationale, and the Museum of the History of Photography, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Susan Hyde Greene’s images relay stories from impressions of experiences, thoughts and memories about the world around her. She slices and mends photographs into new images. Greene received her BFA in textiles, photography and art history from the University of Hawaii, Manoa and her MFA from the University of Utah. She is represented by Smith Andersen North, Green Chalk Contemporary, and SFMOMA Artists Gallery, and is represented in various public and private collections, including Adobe Systems. She won first place in the Center for Photographic Art’s 2013 Juried Exhibition and received a Marin Arts Council Individual Artists Grant.

Jane Olin has worked as a photographer in the Monterey Bay area for over twenty-five years, and has studied with Ruth Bernhard, John Sexton, and Joyce Tenneson, among others. She loves to experiment with focus, exposure, and printing techniques, both in-camera and in the darkroom. She has exhibited throughout the U. S. and Europe, and was featured in a recent two-person show at the Center for Photographic Art in Carmel, CA. Her work is in the permanent collection of the Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, Monterey Museum of Art, Monterey, Triton Museum of Art, Santa Clara, and Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego.

Anna Rheim graduated from Stanford University with a BA in History in 1966. She studied black and white photography and mixed media at Monterey Peninsula College with Henry Gilpin, Roger Fremier, and Don Anderson, and color photography and printing at University of California Santa Cruz with Jack Fulton. Anna has taken private classes with many noted photographers including David Bayles, Ruth Bernhard, Martha Casanave, Lisl Dennis, Tom Millea, and Ted Orland.

Robin V. Robinson is a fifth generation California central coast native. She received degrees in Engineering and Music from Stanford University and Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Robinson studied photography with west coast photography mentors and at City College of San Francisco and Foothill College.  She has received top awards in international photographic competitions, and her work is in the permanent collection of the Monterey Museum of Art, the Bibliotheque Nationale de France, and the Mariners’ Museum in Virginia. Robinson is a Fine Print artist at the Center for Photographic Art in Carmel, CA, a Cal Poly College of Liberal Arts supporter, and a board member of the Monterey Friends of C.G. Jung.

Robin Ward discovered her love of photography at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte where she received a BA in English. She continued her photography studies by participating in various workshops, including Brooks Institute of Photography and the Center for Photographic Art where she served as a Trustee from 2010-2016. She has received several international awards, including International Photography Awards and Black & White Spider Awards and exhibited her work in numerous galleries and museums throughout the US.

(re)View and Imprint Celebration

To celebrate our exhibition of (re)View: Abstract, Land, and the Narrative, we hosted a Walk and Talk in the Galleries with Philip V. Augustin, BK Skaggs, and Melanie Walker. Each of the artists spoke about the inspiration surrounding their artwork, how the exhibited pieces evolved, and the conceptual ideas they are interested in. We were grateful for the opportunity to hear their comments and gain some insight into the work of these three fascinating artists! Special thanks to Philip and Melanie who travelled from New Mexico and Colorado to be with us – we’re glad you could be here!

Following the Walk and Talk was an Artist Reception for both (re)View and Imprint, our sculptural exhibition featuring Alexandra Bowers and Mary Meyer, who both had additional pieces available for our Holiday Sale. Thank you to everyone who came out, enjoyed the artwork, and provided thoughtful conversation!


Philip V. Augustin speaks about his work in (re)View


Philip V. Augustin


(re)View artist Melanie Walker shares some valuable insight to her artistic inspiration


Melanie Walker


BK Skaggs gives an attentive audience the backstory to his works in (re)View


BK Skaggs




Wood-burned pieces by Alexandra Bowers for the Imprint Artists’ Holiday Sale


Works by Mary Meyer featured in the Imprint Artists’ Holiday Sale






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Emerge 2016 – Student Photography Exhibition

Art Intersection presents the sixth annual Emerge student photography exhibition with works by photographers enrolled in Arizona high schools, community colleges, art schools, and universities.  This year’s submissions to Emerge were juried by photographer William LeGoullon.

As part of our mission to support emerging artists, we offer student artists an opportunity to show their work in the North and South Galleries at Art Intersection. Art Intersection staff will also select recipients for Best of High School, Best of Post-High School, and Best of Show.

About the Juror
William LeGoullon is an artist raised and currently based in Phoenix, Arizona. Since receiving his BFA from Arizona State University in 2009, he has exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally including exhibitions in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Fort Collins, Santa Barbara, Seattle and Belgrade Serbia. In 2011, LeGoullon was awarded a Contemporary Forum Emerging Artist Grant from The Phoenix Art Museum and exhibited in The Arizona Biennial at The Tucson Museum of Art.

More recently he was recognized as a Klompching Gallery FRESH 2015 Finalist and took part in this years Photo Tapas by showcasing a solo exhibition at Modified Arts Gallery. In addition to exhibiting his own works, LeGoullon also explores independent curatorial work and teaches at Phoenix College. He plans to continue living and working in central Arizona.

Emerge 2016 Sponsors

Thank you to the sponsors of this Emerge Student Photography exhibition for their support of emerging Arizona student photographers. The acknowledgement of quality and the experience gained when participating in a juried exhibition can vault an emerging photographer to reach their next level of photography.

Overall Best in Show Sponsor
Freestyle Photographic Supplies

Freestyle Logo 600x100px

Since 1946, Freestyle Photographic Supplies has provided photographic enthusiasts and professionals across America with quality photographic products, expert advice, and superior customer support. Their staff is comprised of a dedicated team of experienced photographic professionals, committed to providing customers with a level of service that is unprecedented in this industry.

Best in Show High School and Post High School Sponsor
Tempe Camera


We thank Tempe Camera for their sponsorship of the Best in Show High School and Post High School prize. Tempe Camera is an important part of the Arizona photography community and they demonstrate their commitment to emerging photographers through their ongoing support of educational programs.

Award to Each Best in Show Artist

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 11.23.43 AM

INFOCUS, a vibrant support organization of Phoenix Art Museum (PAM), is composed of people actively interested in photography as a dynamic art form. Photographers, collectors, and photography enthusiasts working together enable INFOCUS to provide a high-quality forum for the study, display and production of fine art photographs. A Student Membership will be awarded to each of the three artists receiving a Best in Show award.

Featured Artists

Kit Abate
Charlyn Absalon
Jacob Adams
Lindsay Arnold
Kevin Ashu
Boyana Babanovski
Aurora Berger
Autumn Bibbee-Wright
Ryan Borys
Kianna Brandt
Victoria Bridges
Dawsen Brown
Luke N. Buneo
Christine Elysse Crossen
Lacey Davis
Kaden Dawson
Klarissa Escobar
Aaron James Fink
William Flemer
Abigail Elizabeth Gerald
Pam Golden
Eric Gonzales
Jessica Gradillas
Joy Gregory
Trini Guevara
Devanie Gurney
Allison Hage
Alina Hamid
Aaron Harris
Amy Hector
Austin Johns
Emily Johnston
Jean-Paul S. Kellogg
Raena Kline
Charly LaSon
Hannah Lazenby
Mario Miguel Mendez
Clyphe Jaulen Nelson
Gray Olson
Brooke D. Pusillo
Azalea Patricia Rodriguez
Raheem Sabella
Monique Sherman
Braedon Smith
Brett Starr
Buzzy Sullivan
Jessica Tanner
Andrew Taylor
Brie Tofaute
Emilio E. Trujillo
Abel Uriarte
Asrai Violet
Alyssa Walkosz
Adelaide West
Xana Wilcoxson
Dallin L. Willden
Lindsay Corinne Wilson
Brooke Wright
Kailah Zinner

Header images from left to right by Joy Gregory, Azalea Rodriguez, Christine Crossen, and Brooke Wright

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Opening Reception of The City

Big thanks to everyone that joined us for the opening reception and InFocus pre-reception of William W. Fuller’s The City! The exhibition will be on view through February 27, and you can stop in to purchase your copy of The City any day Tuesday – Saturday, 10am-6pm.

Fuller Opening_800-6904

Fuller Opening_800

Fuller Opening_800-6915

Fuller Opening_800-6921

Fuller Opening_800-6923

Fuller Opening_800-6930

Fuller Opening_800-6933

Fuller Opening_800-8

Fuller Opening_800-6

Fuller Opening_800-4

Fuller Opening_800-9

Fuller Opening_800-10

Walk and Talk with the Artists of (re)View

This past Saturday, January 9, we hosted a Walk and Talk with Jonah Calinawan, Karen Hymer, Amy Rockett-Todd, and Rebecca Sexton Larson, all featured in (re)View: Explorations in Human Nature. We were so pleased that the artists could travel to Gilbert from around the country to celebrate the exhibition with us!


Amy Rockett-Todd gets personal while talking about her albumen plates


Rebecca Sexton-Larson discusses her work and the bromoil process she uses


Karen Hymer explains that her photogravures draw on the idea that beauty is not only for the young


Jonah Calinawan discusses his fantasy-inspired cyanotype self-portraits

A closing reception for both (re)View and Next Level followed the Walk and Talk. It was great to see the artists among their exhibited work and meet so many of their friends and family! Thank you to everyone that came out!








Local Photographer Travels to Romania

Local Photographer Travels to Romania,
Lives Daily Life of Peasant Ancestors

For 25 years, local photographer Emily Matyas captured the Mexican spirit and heritage on film while living in Sonora, Mexico. In October, she decided it was time to catalogue her own heritage, a journey that would take her to the distant peasant villages of Romania.

Emily Matyas - Morning in the Beautiful Room 600px

Image “Morning in the Beautiful Room” by Emily Matyas

For Tempe photographer Emily Matyas, her deceased father’s Romanian heritage was always a mystery, a missing piece in the puzzle of her sense of self. In Oct. 2013, she decided it was time to fill in the blanks.

With friend and fellow photographer Kathleen Laraia McLaughlin, an adjunct professor at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, Emily made her way to the Romanian village of Sarbi, where she would spend 10 days taking self-portraits as she lived the life of her peasant ancestors — wearing the traditional garb, helping with the exhausting chores, and interacting with the locals.

“I decided to photograph myself as if I were my grandmother, as if I had lived there all my life,” Emily said. “You can hear all the stories you want about your relatives, but when you actually go and experience their lives, it is a totally different level of understanding.”

Though Emily admits she often felt like a fish out of water living in a village of outhouses, haystacks and ancient customs, she said the trip helped her understand her identity more fully.

“This experience had to do with belonging,” said Matyas. “I had to find out where I belonged and this trip made me feel complete. If people have questions about their heritage or identity, then these photos may represent a way to find what they are looking for.”

People will have the chance to view Emily’s photographs, along with seven other up-and-coming photographers, during “Home Bound,” an art exhibition Jan. 17 to Feb. 28 at Gilbert’s Art Intersection (207 North Gilbert Road, Suite 201, Gilbert).

“The exhibition looks at the main differences of perspective on what we think of as home,” said “Home Bound” Curator Carol Panaro-Smith. “The work is full of beauty, but also makes us think about our home, experience and heritage.”

Other photographers featured will include LA-based artist Kristin Bedford, whose images of the “Father Divine” religious sect were recently featured in the New York Times, and Daniel Coburn, a Kansas-based photographer whose first book “The Hereditary Estate” is due for release April 14.

“People are bound to home, for better or for worse,” said Matyas. “I would hope that the viewers can take away different meanings of home that support and guide them in their lives.”

Emily Matyas - Walking Into the Picture 600x400px

Image “Walking Into the Picture” by Emily Matyas

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Best of Light Sensitive 2014

The Art Intersection Staff selected three artists from eighty-nine artists in the Light Sensitive exhibition, our signature traditional photography exhibition, to have their own exhibition called “Best of Light Sensitive 2014”.  This year Tom Persigner, photographer, writer, and the founder of F295, juried Light Sensitive and selected work for the exhibition in March and April, 2014.  Images from Light Sensitive 2014.

Douglas Collins  – I make photographs without using a camera – or, in the case of these works, without even a darkroom. In my work I reject accepted forms of photographic meaning, but try instead to create moments of lucidity through a meditation on form and intention. This tends to minimalistic results, and the pictures are often purified of all but essential structure. I set my own rules but often live by violating them. In place of traditional approaches I invest in a deep contemplation on the physical materials of the photographic act itself, in the tradition of Fox Talbot. I live and work in New York City.

These works are chemigrams, a type of photographic art made without a camera and without a darkroom. In this process, black and white photographic paper is exposed to daylight and then is coated with a varnish, which functions as a resist. By soaking the paper in fixer and developer alternately, the resist is gradually lifted, and color is created by the physical effects on silver grains in the emulsion that result from a certain rhythm of soaking. The artist may intervene, attacking the paper with knives, sticks, or hands to induce additional imagery. The process has antecedents going back to the origin of photography.

Mary Donato  – Following my retirement in 2006 after 30 years as a research geologist, I began to explore photography and printmaking as ways to satisfy both my analytical and creative impulses. I have no formal training in fine art or photography, nor was I given a vintage camera by an aging relative when I was a child. Nevertheless, I consider myself a fully-engaged amateur photographer and printmaker who combines 21st-century digital devices with 19th-century printing processes to create handmade photographic images.

I am compelled to explore the ephemeral beauty of everyday life, sometimes in deliberate compositions, but more often in incidental situations. These prints display a range of scale and chroma. They represent my efforts to convey a mood or a visual idea, and nothing more. Producing unique prints by hand seems the perfect approach for such imagery.

Erin K Malone  – Located in San Francisco, California, Erin Malone spends her days as a User Experience Design Consultant while wishing she was out in the field with her cameras. She received her first camera at 10 and taking it to Girl Scout camp, she promptly left it behind.

A few years later and being much more responsible, she purchased her first manual SLR. Photo classes in high school and serving on the newspaper as a photographer, began her foray into “real” photography.

Coming full circle, Erin primarily works with film, vintage, plastic and lensless cameras and in historic and alternative processes.

Erin’s photos have been shown in group and juried exhibitions across the United States, they have won several awards and are in a few collections, including the Museum of Fine Art, Houston. Her work has been featured in publications such as B&W Magazine, Diffusion, Light Leaks and San Francisco Magazine and the San Francisco PBS produced program KQED Quest.

About the Juror

Tom Persinger is a photographer, writer, and the founder of F295. His photographs have been shown in numerous exhibitions and are in private collections in the United States, Europe, and Japan. His work has been featured in many publications, including Afterimage, Ag, Photo.net, View Camera, and many books on photographic technique and processing.

Persinger has lectured at colleges and universities, leads hands-on workshops, and is a member of Freestyle Photographic’s Advisory Board of Photographic Professionals. His first book Photography Beyond Technique: Essays from F295 on the Informed use of Alternative and Historical Photographic Processes will be released by Focal Press/Taylor and Francis in Spring 2014.

He is especially interested in contemporary photography that considers in its manufacture the intersections of process, subject, and content and the work that can be created in that exciting intersection. He lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with his wife and two sons.

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Ambrotype Workshop with Claire Warden

Learn the basics of the wet plate collodion process using glass as the substrate, and create two direct positives images!

Students in this workshop, led by Claire Warden, will go through the process of cleaning glass plates, coating the plates with collodion, sensitizing, exposing, processing and varnishing the final image.

Images will be captured on 4″ x 5″ plates using a large format camera in the lab, and all materials are included to create two ambrotypes.

Recently, Claire spent a summer creating ambrotypes in Lehon, France, and she brings her wet glass plate collodion experience to this workshop.

The Friday preceding the workshop, Claire will give a free to the public lecture about ambrotypes and her experience in Lehon.

On Sunday, following the Saturday workshop, Claire will be on-hand in the lab to assist with the anyone wishing to make additional glass plate images.

11 Lehon 600x600px