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Mordançage Workshop with Elizabeth Opalenik – July 2022

Over the weekend of July 15-17 Art Intersection hosted a Mordançage workshop instructed by Mordançeuse Elizabeth Opalenik. Students experienced a range of papers, developers, and print making techniques in their exploration of Mordançage.

Take a look at Elizabeth Opalenik’s website to see her creations.

Image Credit: Elizabeth Opalenik

Image Credit: Suzanne Fallender

Image Credit: Suzanne Fallender

Image Credit: Suzanne Fallender

Image Credits: Elizabeth Opalenik (1-5), Suzanne Fallender (4-9)

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Photogravure Workshop with Karen Hymer

This past weekend at Art Intersection we held a 2 day photogravure printing workshop with Karen Hymer. We had a talented group of students, some with experience in this process and others with none at all. Thank you to Karen Hymer for teaching this workshop!

Over the course of 2 days the students learned each step in the photogravure process which included exposing their positive under UV light onto a photopolymer plate. After the plate was exposed and the imaged was etched in, they coated with ink and learned different processes for wiping and removing the ink.

Karen Hymer explained that using the correct wiping techniques creates great contrast and highlights in the final print. Using your photograph as a guide, you can determine which areas need strong shadows and which parts you want more highlight.

Next, our 1870s etching press was used to stamp the plate onto wet paper creating a beautiful one of a kind print embossed into the beautiful art paper.

Students explored different mixtures of ink which created different colors, changing the outcome of contrast and highlight, as well as different types of paper.

We have new workshops at Art Intersection nearly every month, don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn a new unique process! Our next workshop is Tri-Color Gum Printing with Diana Bloomfield!

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