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Carol Henry’s Hanging Cyanotypes

Here’s how Carol Henry made the large hanging cyanotypes in the Spellbinding Light exhibition. Be sure to see the installation to truly appreciate the beauty of these incredible life-size fabric, cyanotype photogram prints.

First the fabric was treated in a darkroom with cyanotype chemistry, and the photogram model and objects were artfully arrange on the fabric,
then after a long exposure in the sunshine on a sunny Carmel day,
the fabric was developed to a stunning cyanotype blue with the garden hose,
and the final fabric lined cyanotype hangs in Spellbinding Light.
Photogram objects carefully placed on cyanotype sensitized fabric,
after sunshine exposure and garden hose developing,
results in this beautiful fabric lined cyanotype hanging in Spellbinding Light.
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Street Photography with Neal A. Miller

As Wikipedia describes it, “street photography is photography conducted for art or enquiry that features unmediated chance encounters and random incidents within public places”.

Neal A. Miller led a street photography workshop covering the range of possibilities and methods used in street photography along with its history, the many concerns, and personal responsibility. 

Belong are images by the students in Street Photography – Capturing the Unexpected.

Image by Charles Bruce
Image by Charles Bruce
Image by Natalie Kizeev
Image by Natalie Kizeev
Image by Susan Ruscetti
Image by Susan Ruscetti
Image by Michael Zelinski
Image by Michael Zelinski
Image by Dean Miller
Image by Dean Miller
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No Strangers Artist Reception

The No Strangers artist opening reception was an amazing gathering of participating members and guests spending the evening at Art Intersection enjoying work by member artists.

No Strangers presents outstanding artwork made by Art Intersection members to our broader, public community. We are proud to exhibit the work comprising graphite drawings, painting, collage, digital art, and many forms of photography and printmaking, made by our amazing artist member supporters!

Follow this link to see the entire gallery of work in this member supported exhibition.

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Emerge – Student Photography Exhibition

Emerging, student photographers exhibit their work in the Art Intersection annual exhibition, Emerge. This year’s opening artist reception was the best ever in the eight years of Emerge, our annual exhibition featuring works from student photographers enrolled in Arizona high schools, community colleges, art schools, and universities across the state. Ashley Czajkowski, a local photography-based artist and educator, juried this year’s show.

In this exhibition we offer student photographers an opportunity to show their work in a professional gallery, fulfilling our mission to support early-career photographers. In addition to the month long exhibition, prizes were awarded for Best in Show, sponsored by Through Each Other’s Eyes; Best of Post-High School, sponsored by Charlene Stant Engel; and Best of High School, sponsored by Kelly and Dennis Collins. 

Many photographers were acknowledged with Honorable Mentions. You can see all the awards and works in this exhibition at this link.

Best of Show went to Elizabeth Pineda, student at ASU, and is presented by Art Holeman representing Through Each Others Eyes.

Best of Post High School was awarded to Stephen Shawl, student at Pima Community College, Tucson. Charlene Stant Engel sponsored this award.

Best of High School award was given to Madeleine Milner, a student at Gilbert High School, Gilbert. Kelly and Dennis Collins sponsored the Best of High School award.

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Beyond the Tube: Mixing Color with Andy Burgess

We stepped outside of our comfort zone for Beyond the Tube: Mixing Color with Andy Burgess, and boy, are we glad we did! In this dynamic class, Andy led our participants through several exercises in mixing and applying color to form abstract shapes, exploring the complicated relationships between colors. Andy pushed his class to focus on subtlety and simplicity, and they took great care to control their work while openly experimenting. The results were beautiful, playful paintings!





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Gum Bichromate over Platinum Printing

Our Gum Bichromate over Platinum class with Diana H. Bloomfield was a hit! This two-day class led our participants through not one, but two beautiful hand-coated processes that combined together created stunning, unique prints. During day one our students made platinum/palladium prints of their images, which were beautiful on their own; in day two, they added a layer of gum bichromate over the top and made an additional exposure, which took their prints to another level. The end result is a cross-processed print with the sharpness and tonality of a platinum print, but with a color wash and additional details from the gum bichromate! 

Platinum prints processing on day 1

We exposed both processes to UV light indoors via our UV exposure units

Coating the platinum/palladium emulsion onto paper

Finished prints from day 1

Diana demonstrates coating the gum layer over the platinum print




Image by Karen Hymer

Image by Karen Hymer

Gum bichromate prints develop in water, and can be gently manipulated with a paintbrush 

Finished gum over platinum print – image by Nancy Miiller

Images by Scott Wrage

Images by Siegfried Rempel (L) and Mary Nation (R)

Diana discusses the class’ finished prints at the end of day 2  

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Wet Plate Collodion with David Emitt Adams

We brought another alternative process classic back to Art Intersection – Wet Plate Collodion! Our tintype workshop led by David Emitt Adams this March was our best one yet. This group perfected the art of pouring collodion onto metal plates, sensitizing with silver nitrate, making proper exposures, and finishing their plates as beautiful photographic objects. Great work, everyone!

Participants practice pouring collodion onto glass

Assistant Claire A. Warden demonstrates removing excess staining from finished plates

Never too many cameras!

Images by Donald Matthews

Images by Larry Newman

Finished tintypes are varnished over a hot plate

Images by Deanna Dent

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The Altered Photo with Ron Bimrose

Our students got experimental in The Altered Photo: Photography and Mixed Media with Ron Bimrose! This class explored image-making by combining existing imagery and different subtractive and additive hand-altering effects like sanding, painting, and drawing. The class had fun learning new techniques and letting their imagination run wild as they created their pieces. The mixed-media, collaged results were truly fascinating!


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