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Exploring Photography and the Darkroom

In our Exploring Photography and Darkroom Photography for Teens summer camps we experimented with all the possibilities of photography!

Our Exploring Photography students shot images on 35mm film, processed it themselves, and printed their images in the darkroom – many of them for the first time ever. They also took digital pictures, edited them in Adobe Photoshop, and made beautiful inkjet prints of their photos. They learned manual SLR camera functions like ISO, shutter speed, and aperture, which are used in both film and digital capture, and played around with composition, lighting, and varying perspectives. With these tools, our students are ready to dig deeper into their preferred photographic medium and really become pros!

Our Darkroom Photography students shot 35mm, 120mm, and even 4×5″ film, spanning the range of film formats from casual to professional. They each captured photos relating to a project concept of their own choosing, allowing them to flex their artistic muscles in finding or creating images. Once they processed all that film, they put in some dedicated time in the darkroom printing their work, even learning advanced techniques like split-filter printing. In the end, each student left with 3-4 perfect prints for their portfolio.

At the end of all our photography camps we pin up everyone’s work from the week and reflect on our successes and challenges. It’s at this time that the immense creative drive and talent our students posses really shines. 

We had a blast this summer sharing our love of photography with young artists! 


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Teen Photo Zines

In our Photo Zines for Teens camp this summer, three lucky teenagers got the chance to self-publish their own zine (short for magazine) of their images!  Zines are a fantastic tool for self-expression and artistic exploration, allowing young artists to see a project through from start to finish, work collaboratively, and create a finished product that can be enjoyed by anyone.

After familiarizing themselves with zine culture and the amazing variety and craftsmanship of modern zines, our students set to work creating their own.

We edited their photos down to the very best and arranged them in a sequence that had a visual and conceptual flow between the images – we like to think that a book or zine is less a collection of photos and more of a visual story!

Our teens then created their zine layout digitally in Adobe Indesign, adding in hand-drawn or written elements to accompany the pictures.

Each student printed three copies of their zine to keep or trade, and left one each to the Art Intersection Zine Library, where they can be enjoyed by anyone who visits! 

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No Strangers Opening Reception

It was cool in the galleries, especially with root beer floats made with Joe’s BBQ homemade root beer.

Over forty members showed their work in this year’s No Strangers exhibition, and over one-hundred visitors joined us for the opening reception to see the art made by our member community.

Every year Art Intersection puts out a call for work to our Sponsor level and above members to have their work curated into the No Strangers exhibition. This year there are about one-hundred pieces of art in this exhibition.

Below are images from the opening reception. We tried to catch all of the members, but we were too slow or they were camera shy.

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All Art Arizona Opening Reception

It was a warm and busy night at Art Intersection for the opening of All Art Arizona. Almost 300 people joined us and met many of the exhibiting artists. Here are some images from that wonderful evening.

Be sure to visit the exhibition page to see the All Art Arizona online gallery. All Art Arizona 2017

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Emerge – Opening Reception

The seventh annual Emerge exhibition opened with many of the photographers present to talk about themselves and their work. These are all student photographers enrolled in Arizona high schools, home schools, community colleges, art schools, and universities across the state. Clare Benson, a local photographer, interdisciplinary artist and educator, juried this year’s show.

This link takes you to see the Emerge online gallery. Emerge

As part of our mission to support emerging artists, these student photographers have the opportunity to show their work in theArt Intersection North and South Galleries.

In addition to the exhibition, prizes were awarded for Best in Show, sponsored by Through Each Others Eyes, Best of Post-High School, sponsored by Tempe Camera, and Best of High School, sponsored by local patrons Kelly and Dennis Collins. INFOCUS, the Photography Support Group of the Phoenix Art Museum, will award a Student Membership to each of the three winners.

About the Juror – Clare Benson is a photographer and interdisciplinary artist from the United States. Her work has been exhibited and screened throughout the US and internationally. Benson earned her MFA at University of Arizona in Tucson, and her BFA at Central Michigan University.


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Inked: Photogravure with Karen Hymer

If you have ever worked in a printing studio, you are well-acquainted with the smell of printmaking ink; we were happy to break out the aprons and gloves and enjoy that intoxicating aroma of creativity for a full weekend!

During our Photogravure Workshop with Karen Hymer, our participants got to transform their images with ink into handmade prints.  Where traditional copper plate photogravure is time-consuming and requires toxic chemicals, the modern SolarPlate method is much more simple, using only sunlight and water! After exposing their SolarPlate etching plates to UV light under a digitally-printed positive transparency of their image, participants “developed” away in water the areas of their plates not hardened by the sun. Once dry, the plates were ready to be inked and run through our 1870’s etching press! Our students learned how to test for proper exposure of their plates, and they even got to customize their ink and paper choices for printing. 

The Open Studio that followed the workshop brought the return of several Art Intersection students of past workshops, reuniting friends in a fun, creative atmosphere. We love hosting Open Studios!


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Binding it All Together: Bookmaking with Jace Graf

Our Introduction to Hand-Bookbinding for Photographers with Jace Graf was a stitch! Over the course of two days, each of our fourteen participants made a hand-sewn, multiple signature book and a tri-fold portfolio case for prints or documents. Instructor Jace Graf of Cloverleaf Studio in Austin, Tx led the class through the glueing, cutting, sewing, and folding, all while giving expert advice on how to design their own handmade books in the future. We look forward to seeing what our participants make with this hand-crafted approach to self-publishing!

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Mirror, Mirror: Daguerreotypes with Jerry Spagnoli

During our Daguerreotype Workshop with Jerry Spagnoli our participants got to try their hand at the first photographic process! 

Daguerreotype is a means of making a photograph that involves sensitizing a highly polished silver plate with iodine vapors, exposing it in a large-format camera, developing and fixing the image, and applying a gilded coating to preserve the plate. Our participants performed all these steps assisted by their instructor. Spagnoli explained the various chemical reactions that took place throughout the process, leading to a better understanding of how light-sensitive materials operate. Through learning how to make Daguerreotypes, our workshop participants gained a historical perspective of how early photographs were made and brought that knowledge into the 21st century by making contemporary images.


Polishing the plate – we broke out the power tools for this workshop!

Sensitizing the plate

Metering for good exposure

Clearing the plate

Checking the plate in good lighting

Gilding the plate – in lieu of the traditional ring stand, we improvised with an old spring!

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