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Platinum Workshop with Keith Schreiber

Starting Friday evening and working through Sunday, the workshop students learned about creating digital negatives for platinum/palladium, chemistry, and then made prints in the alt process lab.

Platinum Wkshp May14-0511

Keith shared his expertise with the class and showed the process he uses to make palladium and platinum prints. You may remember Keith’s work on exhibit in the North Gallery along with Dick Arentz this past January and February during the Art Intersection Platinum/Palladium exhibition.

Platinum Wkshp May14-0514

Checking the first digital negatives for densities and checking exposure times.

Platinum Wkshp May14-0522

Keith concentrating on building and explaining digital negatives and Quad Tone RIP.

Platinum Wkshp May14-0526

Discussing paper choices.

Platinum Wkshp May14-0529

Ready to print.

Platinum Wkshp May14-0531

Coating Arches Platine with a glass rod.

Platinum Wkshp May14-0608

Time to expose.

Platinum Wkshp May14-0613

High tech or low tech, it’s all about UV light.

Platinum Wkshp May14-0614

Pouring on the developer.

Platinum Wkshp May14-0615

Trying the cold tone developer.

Platinum Wkshp May14-0605


Platinum Wkshp May14-0601

In the final wash.

Platinum Wkshp May14-0596

Final prints drying before going to the critique wall.

Platinum Wkshp May14-0612

Some of the dry prints on the critique wall. Others were still too wet to show by the end of the workshop.

Platinum Wkshp May14-0626

Printing Out Paper Workshop March 1 & 2

Beautiful and creative images were made this weekend using hand coated printing out paper. Friday night Siegfried gave a lecture, followed by two days of making prints using Printing Out Paper.

POP 2Mar14-600px-0363

POP 2Mar14-600px-0358

POP 2Mar14-600px-0359

POP 2Mar14-600px-0360 

POP 2Mar14-600px-0370

POP 2Mar14-600px-0374

Highlighted Submissions to Light Sensitive 2014

Below you will find one image from each of the artists submitting to Light Sensitive 2014. With one or two exceptions, these are not the images that have been juried into Light Sensitive 2014. On March 8th, when the physical exhibition opens, the images in the exhibition will be placed into an online gallery on our exhibition page.

Each year at Art Intersection we celebrate the art of hand-crafted photographic processes in the juried exhibition Light Sensitive. This year we welcome juror Tom Persinger and now, with the exhibition now reaching internationally, we have our first ever entries from France, UK, Canada, Colombia, and Ecuador. 

It is encouraging to see so many artists making traditional process work in a new and exciting way! We were so impressed with all of the submissions sent, that we’ve decided to highlight one image from every submitter in an online gallery of their own, to celebrate their work. Thank you to all of the artists who submitted to Light Sensitive 2014 and we hope to see more of your work in the future!

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PhotoTapas – Celebrating Photography

The day of PhotoTapas celebrating the art of photography. The schedule included lectures and demos about digital negatives, platinum printing, printing out paper, conservation of prints, and a fun time with instant film and a pinhole camera. In the late afternoon, we served tapas and sangria (punch), and enjoyed a print sharing event in our new gallery space. Dick Arentz led a gallery talk through the Eternal Platinum exhibition in the North and South galleries.

  • 9:00 – 9:30am : Registration and Socializing
  • 9:30 – 9:50am : Introduction- Alan, Gina, Carol
  • 10:00 – 10:50am : Platinum Lecture- Keith Schreiber
  • 11:00 – 11:50am : Printing Out Paper Demo- Seigfried Rempel
  • Lunch on your own
  • 1:00 – 1:50pm : Conservation Lecture- Jennifer Gutierrez
  • 2:00 – 3:50pm : Pinhole Camera Fun- Jim Hajicek
  • 2:00 – 2:50pm : 1st Platinum Demo- Keith Schreiber
  • 3:00 – 3:50pm : 2nd Platinum Demo- Keith Schreiber
  • 4:00 – 5:50pm : Tapas Served in the East Gallery
  • 4:00 – 5:50pm : Print Sharing in Gallery 4
  • 6:00 – 7:00pm : Gallery Talk- Dick Arentz

Two weeks after the Digital Infrared Workshop I’m still playing with the infrared camera and filter taking pictures during PhotoTapas. Keith Schreiber is explaining his process and work.

CP Infrared -00011

Jim took portraits of the group using his homemade pinhole camera and Fuji 3000B instant film.

CP Infrared -00018

Because of the moving clouds, Jim kept asking the universe for consistent light.

CP Infrared -00020

Looking at Keith Schreiber’s platinum/palladium images. Later Keith gave two printing demonstrations in the darkroom.



Jennifer Gutierrez, the conservator from the Center for Creative Photography, gave a presentation on her conservation work and offered advise for the audience about how to house our work.


Becky Senf, Randy Efros, and David Emitt Adams enjoyed the day.


Gina’s pinhole portrait.


Becky’s pinhole portrait.


At four-o’clock tapas was served. Small bites in a convivial setting.


Dick Arentz with Keith Schreiber. They are long time friends and platinum printers with images in the Eternal Platinum exhibition.


The contingent from the Center for Creative Photography.


Print sharing in Gallery 4.



Great cake for the 3rd anniversary of Art Intersection. Thanks Debra and Jamie.


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Digital Infrared Workshop

One of the truly significant changes digital photography has brought us is the simplicity of shooting infrared (IR). Old School analog IR shooters had a series of steps that required best guesses to be made and correspondingly has a rather high hit or miss result. First of all, you had to be careful loading the camera since the film could fog in bright outdoor conditions. Then, focus and exposure issues had to be addressed.

The Infrared weekend kicked off on Friday evening with a free lecture by Neil Miller and Siegfried Rempel, shooting started at the Gilbert Riparian on Saturday morning, followed by process in the Digital Lab in the afternoon. Sunday we printed images and reviewed the work on the Crit Wall.

Siegfried printed an image from a digital negative on to hand coated  printing out paper, and demonstrated digital infrared capture, to digital negative, to an alternative photographic process. This could have also been printed using cyanotype, platinum, gum bichromate, etc.

Here is a link to the original workshop information.

Infrared L1057032-3 Neil Miller 

Infrared L1057025-2 Neil Miller

So what is the visual difference with infrared? The primary difference is that the camera is photographing in response to living plants in an area of the light spectrum the human eye cannot see. Plants will often reflect greater proportions of infra-red and appear to be lighter in value. The sky, devoid of reflected infra-red will appear a dark value similar to the effect of shooting black and white film through a dark red filter. Clouds tend to show greater modulation and gradation and often “pop” in the image.

The following infrared images are by Margaret Wright

Infrared Colorized wall Margaret Wright

Infrared Space Colony Margaret Wright

Infrared Ducks on a pond 2 Margaret Wright

The following infrared images are by Richard Fee

Infrared IR45-Richard Fee

Infrared IR 33-Richard Fee

Infrared IR27-Richard Fee

The following infrared images are by Neil Miller, and the featured image for this post is by Neil Miller

Infrared L1057008-Edit-1 Neil Miller

Infrared DSCF5824-Edit-1 Neil Miller

Infrared Final #1 DSCF5830-Edit-2-1 Neil Miller

Infrared Final #2 DSCF5836-Edit-1 Neil Miller

Infrared Final #3 L1057017-Edit-1 Neil Miller 

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Eternal Platinum Opening

The opening of Eternal Platinum marks Art Intersection’s third anniversary. Our first exhibition on January 17, 2011 was Out of the Blue: Contemporary Cyanotype Invitational. Once again we went to a traditional process that offers a unique, and distinctive presentation of an image. On exhibition in the North and South Galleries are exquisite works from artists that have not been shown before at Art Intersection.

Eternal Platinum-13

A platinum print is an exceptionally beautiful and everlasting image presented through a wide range of subtle tones. The creation of a contemporary platinum print, whether from film or digital camera, remains an intimate, handcrafted process. The artist begins by hand coating an art paper with a platinum or platinum/palladium solution, exposing the sensitized paper to ultra-violet light, and then hand processing the exposed paper to create the final, permanent print. No two prints are ever identical.

This exhibition is in conjunction with PhotoTapas, celebrating the art of photography in Arizona during the month of February.


  • Dick Arentz
  • Scott B. Davis, courtesy of Etherton Gallery
  • Joy Goldkind, courtesy of Tilt Gallery
  • Charles Grogg, courtesy of Etherton Gallery
  • David Johndrow
  • Stan Klimek
  • Andrea Modica, courtesy of Tilt Gallery
  • Jean-Claude Mougin, courtesy of Tilt Gallery
  • Keith Schreiber


This year begins an expansion of our gallery program to include the representation of artists who will be shown in Ryan Gallery. The East Gallery has been renamed the Ryan Gallery and will serve as the space for presentation of  works by the represented artists. During Eternal Platinum in the Ryan Gallery, with platinum prints, are the following artists:

  • Michael T. Puff
  • Ryuijie
  • Terry Towery

In the future we will show the works of additional represented artists with prints produced in the darkroom using processes including cyanotype, gelatin silver, kallitype, etc.


Below are the incredibly nice parents of Charles Grogg, standing in front of one of four images by Charles.

Eternal Platinum Grogs

Jim and Carol standing in front of work by Dick Arentz. Carol worked through much of last year to curate this show. She worked directly with the artists, as well as two Arizona galleries to bring this work to Art Intersection. Thank you Carol for a great job. Also, thank you to Tilt Gallery and Etherton Gallery for making this work available to Art Intersection.

Eternal Hajicek Panaro Smith

Two close friends of Art Intersection, David Emitt Adams and Rosie Shipley. Rosie will be the juror for our upcoming student photography exhibition, Emerge. Thank you Rosie. David was the juror for last year’s Emerge exhibition.

Eternal Platinum Adams + Shipley

Randy Efros, well know photographer and arts patron joined us. One of his images hangs permanently at Art Intersection.

Eternal Platinum Alan Randy

Mark and Becky Godfrey and Chris Palmer and Tammy Cowden never miss an opening. Mark’s company Parker Madison is the marketing firm for Art Intersection. Both Chris and Tammy have had their work on exhibition at Art Intersection in the past.

Eternal Platinum Mark Becky Chris Tammy

Jamie Fitzgerald, Debra Wilson, and Alan Fitzgerald in the Ryan Gallery. Debra works behind the scene at Art Intersection making sure the bills are paid and the business pieces stay organized. Jamie practices acupuncture nearby at The Healing Point. Alan, well we’re not sure what he does, but he drinks most of the coffee.

Eternal Platinum Jamie Debra Alan

James Hajicek and Mary Kay Zeeb discussing the platinum process. Jim taught the non-silver curriculum at ASU, and was a professor there for over 30 years. Mary Kay teaches, and is an instructor for the Italy Workshop.

Eternal Platinum James Mary Kay

Neil Miller and Marilyn Miller never miss an opening or event at Art Intersection. As always Neil has his camera around his neck, but tonight it’s different, he is shooting with an infra-red flash and filter. He will co-instruct the upcoming infra-red workshop.

Eternal Platinum Neil Miller

North Gallery with Dick Arentz and Keith Schreiber.

Eternal Platinum-1

South Gallery with Scott B. Davis, Charles Grogg, David Johndrow, Stan Klemick, Andrea Modica, and Jean-Claude Mougin.

Eternal Platinum-4

Eternal Platinum-5

Ryan Gallery with Michael T. Puff, Ryuijie, and Terry Towery.

Eternal Platinum-7

Eternal Platinum-8

Eternal Platinum-11

Eternal Platinum-10 

South Mountain High School Photography Workshop

A group of South Mountain High School intermediate and advanced students, along with their teachers, Vivian Spiegelman and Dena Cervantes, came to Art Intersection to participate in a three-session workshop experience. In the workshop the students looked at and discussed contemporary portraiture, learned to use a 4 x 5 camera, created digital negatives from digital files and print them in the Van Dyke 19th century printing process.

They produced some beautiful self-portraits and went back to school with a deeper understanding of the art of photography.

If you, your institution, or group are interested in learning more about how we can customize a photographic experience for you contact us.

South Mountain HS 3 South Mountain HS 4 South Mountain HS 9 South Mountain HS 10 South Mountain HS 12 South Mountain HS 13 South Mountain HS 1 South Mountain HS 2 South Mountain HS 5 South Mountain HS 6 South Mountain HS 8 South Mountain HS 11 South Mountain HS 7

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