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Jace Graf Book and Clamshell Case Workshop

The Jace Graf book and box making workshop was a huge success with all 10 students going home with an elegant hand-bound book and drop-spine box.

In this 2-day workshop participants learned how to construct a multi-signature sewn-board binding originally designed by renowned bookbinder, Gary Frost. The accompanying box is a versatile and useful compartment that is designed to protect and house a variety of book structures, portfolios and/or prints.

The participants also learned several valuable “tricks of the trade” that Jace graciously offered throughout the weekend.

No doubt, we will be seeing some awesome new book related projects from our community using the techniques learned during this special workshop. We hope to have Jace back soon to teach us more exciting book and box making skills.

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Artist Talk – The Physical Photograph

Five artists showing in The Physical Photograph exhibition gave an informal talk in the Galleries here last night to a very receptive audience. This exhibition includes handmade books, chlorophyl prints, Daguerreotypes, wet plate collodion tin-types, and brass pinhole cameras.

Jace Graf led the evening with a discussion of book making and anecdotes from his career creating premier books at Cloverleaf Studio in Austin, Texas.

David Emitt Adams, the artist-in-residence at Art Intersection, explained his newest work of tin-types on 55-gallon drum lids. David has an upcoming show at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art in June.

Binh Danh, professor at the ASU Herberger Institute of Art and Design, teaches alternative photographic process and talked about some of his unique work. Three of his images in the exhibition are printed on living leaves using an ordinary photographic negative. The negative varies the amount of sunlight available for the leaf and the corresponding production of chlorophyl, which then creates shades of green and a positive image of the negative.

Nothing goes together quite like gelatin-silver paper and gunpowder, at least according to Christopher Colville as he described his new body of work, Meditations on the Northern Hemisphere.

Nissa Kubly’s work in the Galleries are her handmade pinhole cameras which incorporate viewable images made by the object itself. Her work consists of functional instruments made of metal and inspired by the camera obscura. She also brought with her a jewelry trunk show in the South Gallery with necklaces, earrings, and rings themed around pinhole cameras.

All-in-all it was a great evening of learning through interaction with the artists. If you did not make the event we hope you will join us for the next Artist Talk at Art Intersection!


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Canon DSLR Class

Get More From Your Canon DSLR

Yesterday Joshua Caldwell led a 6-hour class focused on learning about your Canon DSLR camera. The class included an interactive lecture on exposure control, lenses, and detailed technical information, followed by time shooting images in the Heritage District, and a wrap-up at the class end with a review of the images. It was a success for everyone in the class and we look forward to the next DSLR class.

January has been a busy month for digital photographers with classes in Photoshop Elements, Photoshop Fast Track, Photoshop CS, Digital Point-and-Shoot Camera, and the Canon DSLR. Stay in touch as we add more digital photography, digital printing, and studio lighting classes.

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Workshop Students Make Daguerreotypes


For two days Jerry Spagnoli (second from the right) led a workshop, teaching students to create their own Daguerreotype images using the Becquerel method in the darkrooms at Art Intersection. These are the new Daguerreians (less one who was camera shy).

Many of the plates were exposed in a large format camera and some were contact printed from a film positive.

A Daguerreotype is a photographic image, produced on a sheet of polished silver, unmatched for its detail and clarity, and for its unique presence.  The process has a rich historical legacy but has been largely lost to artists for over one hundred years.

The workshop participants learned all the steps necessary to make a Bequerrel Daguerreotype include polishing, sensitizing and finishing the plates, as well as how to make their own equipment to continue the process in their own darkrooms.

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Physical Photograph and Jerry Spagnoli

In the Galleries you will find photographs embedded in brass sculptures, exposed into a plant leaf, printed in a book, and imaged onto a silver mirror; this unique exhibit is The Physical Photograph, and Jerry Spagnoli Contemporary Daguerreotypes and Local Stories. The opening offered the opportunity to visit with many of the exhibiting artists and talk about their work.

Jeremy Rowe takes interest in a book whose construction and binding was done by Jace Graf.  Mr. Graf will lead a Hard Cover Book and Clamshell workshop at Art Intersection in February.

Exhibiting artist Philip Zimmerman stands next to his photo book, Sanctus Sonorensis.

Exhibiting artists in the Galleries, Damon Sauer, Binh Danh, and Julie Anand.

Jerry Spagnoli and Jim Hajicek discuss the wonders of 19th century photography and printing.  Later in the week Mr. Spagnoli gave a lecture at the Phoenix Art Museum sponsored by INFOCUS.

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Allen Dutton Reception

Reconnecting with Friends

Gary Lewellen

This past Saturday evening, despite being bitterly cold, a warm group of friends joined us to welcome the Duttons. Allen Dutton and Marianne Dutton were on-hand to talk about Allen’s new book, reconnect with friends and past students, and make new friends at the closing reception of Strange But True. This exhibit was last shown at the Corcoran Museum in Washington DC in 2000. Gary Lewellen, a past student and close friend of the Duttons played guitar and harmonica to liven up the evening.

Allen discussed his Rhino Ranch and told stories of his herd of rhinos roaming on his northern Arizona ranch. His illustrated Rhino book tells the entire story, but not like Allen can tell it in person.

Strange But True is a collection of images of Arizona that brings back memories of the changes we have experienced over the past 40 years as Arizona has grownup. We all look forward to Allen’s new, soon to be published book, and another concert from Gary in the future.

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Exhibit Your Work at Art Intersection in 2013

Light Sensitive – Emerge – All Art Arizona

No Strangers – Portfolio Shares

Exhibitions at Art Intersection

Light Sensitive

March and April

Light Sensitive

Each year Art Intersection invites artists to submit work for consideration in Light Sensitive, a national juried exhibition of analog photography. This annual exhibition celebrates the traditional methods of making images in the darkroom. Past work has included c-prints, platinum, cyanotype, gelatin silver, gum bichromate, wet plate collodion tintypes, and other printing processes. While the final print must be made using analog techniques the use of computer generated digital negatives/positives in the creation of the print is acceptable.

Images from Light Sensitive 2012     Call for Work Light Sensitive 2013

Emerge Student Photography Exhibition


Emerge Student Photography Exhibition

In our May exhibition Art Intersection presents the work of emerging student talent ranging from high school to graduate students. We are dedicated to supporting students in their educational pursuits of self-expression through photography and congratulate each student for their unique vision and dedication to their craft. Through a jury process Art Intersection selects a variety of work from the photography students at high school, college, and university educational institutions across Arizona.

Emerge 2012 Blog        Call for Work – Emerge 2013

All Art Arizona

June through July

All Art Arizona

Art Intersection celebrates all forms of visual art with this juried exhibition from Arizona artists. Artists submit images of their work ranging from sculpture, photography, painting, ceramics, mixed media, artist books, and more in this juried exhibition juried by the Art Intersection curatorial staff.

All Art Arizona 2012 Blog       Call For Work – All Art Arizona 2013

No Strangers – The Art Intersection Community


No Strangers – The Art Intersection Creative Community embraces the diversity of Art Intersection alliances. This eclectic exhibition combines work from Art Intersection members and collaborating artists. This exhibition celebrates a very special part of our growing community, our members, staff, and faculty.

No Strangers 2012 Blog       Learn About Membership

Member Portfolio Sharing

Year Round

Member Portfolio Sharing

Exhibit your work by sharing your portfolio and view the work of other members in the Art Intersection members’ portfolio sharing event.  Each member has a table space about 3′ x 6′ to show their work.  Viewing is open to the public.

Portfolio Share Blog     Learn About Membership

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Best Place to See Photography 2012 – Phoenix New Times Award

The following is reprinted from New Times Best of Phoenix 2012:

“Art Intersection is home to countless local “pherds” (photography nerds, as they call themselves) who don’t mind the drive to Gilbert to see quality work. The 7,000-square-foot space is dedicated to photography and photography education under executive director Alan Fitzgerald and local photographer/art instructor Carol Panaro-Smith.

Here you’ll find work by the founding fathers of alternative process photography alongside daguerreotypes, platinum/palladium prints, photogravures, and gelatin silver prints made by local emerging artists.While you’re there to see the art, be sure to check out the built-in space for workshops and lab areas in black-and-white film, cyanotype, kallitype, platinum, palladium, gum bichromate, wet plate collodion, and digital prints. And if any of those words get your creative muscles working, you’re sure to get a big welcome home, pherd.”

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