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The Sky – Kate Breakey and Brett Starr

The Sky exhibition of images by two Tucson artists, Kate Breakey and Brett Starr, who recently discovered they had a mutual interest in the heavens. Each of them having looked upward, and felt compelled to make images of the sky, for years. For this exhibition they have gathered together their daytime and nighttime images–of clouds, rainbows, the sun and the moon, comets and cosmic events.

Most recently they collaborated to make deep sky images using an online telescope on the other side of the world. “It was exciting and conceptually poetic to instruct a telescope that is 9,000 miles away to point at an object – a galaxy, or nebulae- on the other side of the universe, and make an image for us to contemplate and print. The incomprehension and wonder you feel is transforming – it puts time and life on earth into perspective, and that is always a good thing”.

Banner image, Kate Breakey, “Orange First Quarter Moon Setting – Safford Peak”

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View the interview with Kate Breakey and Brett Starr

“You can never have too much sky. You can fall asleep and wake up drunk on sky, and sky can keep you safe when you are sad.” – Sandra Cisneros

Brett Starr, “Above The Horizon”


Kate Breakey and Brett Starr, “Galaxy NGC 55”

About Kate Breakey

Kate Breakey is internationally known for her large-scale, richly hand-colored photographs including her acclaimed series of luminous portraits of birds, flowers and animals in a series called Small Deaths published in 2001 by University of Texas Press. Her other monographs include, Painted Light, University of Texas in 2010, a career retrospective that encompasses a quarter century of prolific image making.

Her collection of photograms, entitled ‘Las Sombras / The shadows’ was published by University of Texas Press in October 2012. This series is a continuation of her lifetime investigation of the natural world which in her own words is ‘brimming with fantastic mysterious beautiful things.

Since 1980 her work has appeared in more than 110 one-person exhibitions and in over 60 group exhibitions . A native of South Australia, Kate moved to Austin, Texas in 1988. She completed a Master of Fine Art degree at the University of Texas in 1991 where she also taught photography in the Department of Art and Art History until 1997. Her collections include the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, the Center for Creative Photography, Tucson, The Australian National Gallery and the San Diego Museum of Photographic Arts, as well as various private collections.

She has resided in the Tucson, Arizona for 20 years, and regularly teaches workshops nationally and internationally.

About Brett Starr

Brett Starr is a photographic artist born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. He received his bachelors degree in fine art photography from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He works primarily with historic processes in his photography. By knowing the rules of calculation and precision in the processes, he is then able to deconstruct and embrace the uncontrollability of the historical processes. Doing this allows him to create work in an experimental way without getting lost trying to recreate the incidental. His work explores the relationship between humans and the world around them. Brett is currently residing in Tucson, Arizona working as a commercial real-estate photographer.