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Claire A. Warden Teaches Ambrotype Workshop

Ambrotype images, a collodion process on glass, have a unique and beautiful aesthetics that makes this a very exciting in-camera, alternative photographic process.

Claire A. Warden led us through the history and technology of this process during a 3-day workshop that began with a lecture and ended with an open studio where the workshop students created their own Ambrotypes.





Ambrotype workshop003-600px


Ambrotype workshop007-600px

Ambrotype workshop008-600px



Ambrotype-600px-006 Ambrotype-600px-008    Ambrotype-600px-6864


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Ambrotype Open Studio

This is a follow-up lab for participants of the Ambrotye Workshop at Art Intersection wanting dedicated time to practice glass plate photography under the assistance of Claire Warden. Claire will be available to answer questions and help you create your own ambrotypes.

Glass plates for this open lab day must be purchased at Art Intersection, 4″x5″ plates for $5 each or 8″ x 10″ plates for $20 each.  These plates fit the carrier for the Art Intersection 4×5 and 8×10 cameras, or you can bring your own camera. Collodion chemistry is included in the price of the glass plates.

The lab includes softbox continuous lighting in the studio.

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