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Art Intersection’s 1st Ephemera Crawl

A kin to the pub crawl (minus the booze), an ephemera crawl is an opportunity to explore specific areas dense with STUFF. You know, the kind of stuff you just have to have but don’t really know exactly what the end use will be. This past Saturday, ten enthusiastic participants fueled with caffeine and sugar hit Main Street in downtown Mesa to search for ephemera. The group, lead expertly by Josie Circincione, did well with everyone bringing home many treasures. There are so many interesting places on Main street to get authentic vintage goods. Included in the trip were the following:

Antique Plaza
114 & 120 West Main Street
(480) 833-4844

Book Gallery of Mesa
50 West Main Street
(480) 835-0757

Mystic Paper
123 West Main Street
(480) 834-0286

Domestic Bliss
166 West Main Street
(480) 733-0552

Mesa Typewriter Exchange
30 S. Macdonald St.
(480) 964-3603

There’s so much more, but that’s another trip.

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Tania Katan: Interview-Part 2

Tania Katan at Art Intersection April 15, 16 and 17th

Polonius said it:
“…brevity is the soul of wit…”

Here’s what brevity looks like in the hands of Ms. Katan:
What or who makes you laugh?
People who think they can cut in front of me in line.
What or who makes you cry?
Waiting in line.

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Tania Katan: She ain’t no Oprah

Tania Katan at Art Intersection April 15, 16 and 17th
Tania Katan is one of the funniest people I know. When you are privileged to spend a few hours with her you will laugh, no doubt about it, but the other magic is that you will feel like one of the most important people on the planet. Good listening skills are an art form Tania has in spades. No kidding.
So here’s a few excerpts from our conversation:

You are presenting a writing workshop at Art Intersection that focuses on laughter as a healing agent? What if your interested in taking the workshop but you don’t think you’re funny and worse, you don’t think you can write?
Mark Twain said, “Humor is tragedy plus time.” The fact that humor springs from a place of fear, discomfort and otherness and yet somehow allows us to feel less fear, discomfort and otherness feels like magic. Humor is magic. Who doesn’t like magic?

What can people coming to your lecture and or workshop expect to walk away with?
At some point during every workshop, I give all the participants gourmet cupcakes, which they are encouraged to eat while I personally roam around the room, giving each person a back-rub, unless they are uncomfortable with touch, in which case I just sing to them, something that makes them remember a happy time in their lives. Oh, and one lucky workshop participants always wins a car. I’m sorry, what was the question? OH…The only thing that people will walk away with is a sense that they have an opportunity to live their lives with more urgency, humor and love. But that’s all. Don’t expect an SUV. This ain’t Oprah.

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Art & Healing-March/April

“Art is a wound turned into light.” — Georges Braque

We are very excited about the new block of programming at Art Intersection, Art & Healing. We begin the 2 month series with three very special exhibitions:

Self: An Intimate Look at Personal Narrative is a group invitational of artists who are exploring an aspect of their life through visual language.

Ballerina: Bob Carey’s whimsical and poignant self portraits where he goes out into the world dressed only in a pink tutu.

My life in Art: Sam Irving, a 21 year old artist with autism, is exhibiting his current paintings along with a selection of drawings he did when he was only 8-11 years old.

Our opening reception on March 5th was attended by over 200 people from every city in the valley.
If you haven’t seen the exhibitions yet, you won’t want to miss them.  Stop replica Watch by Art Intersection Tuesday through Saturday from 10am-6pm.

All three exhibitions run through April 23rd.

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Bob Carey: The Prodigal Son

I’ve known Bob for over 10 years and the photo community was sad to see him leave Phoenix for the big city lights of New York City.  He’s coming for a weekend, March 4-6th at Art Intersection where his Ballerina series will be exhibited.

Join us for an opportunity to hear Bob speak about his career and his long love affair with self portraiture. He’ll also be showing off his technical chops with a workshop on simple table top photography using simple but effective ways of photographing small works.

To learn more about Bob read this great article by Kathleen Vanesian:

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Love Fest this weekend

Let’s face it. Is there anything more important to celebrate than love?

Art Intersection wanted to commemorate this holiday on February 12th by offering four workshops devoted to spreading the love all around.

No time for a workshop? Stop by from 10am to 5pm to make a card for someone you love. The first one is free.

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The calm before the storm

Wish from the series, Snowbound by Lisa M. Robinson currently showing at Art Intersection

I’m sitting in Liberty Market (a great restaurant right across the street from Art Intersection), sipping tea, nibbling on the best bread pudding I’ve ever had and waiting for the doors to officially open tonight.

It’s hard to believe that Alan Fitzgerald’s dream of opening an art space devoted to the preservation of photography and its roots will soon be a reality.

This weekend Art Intersection will begin a journey. Growing, evolving, building and making a home for the arts to thrive. It’s pretty exciting stuff. We’re ready for you! Welcome.

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