The “T” word


Today, at the award ceremony for Gilbert High School’s juried exhibition, Re-visioning the American Dream,a proud parent of one of the award recipients asked if he could purchase his daughter’s photograph. He said he couldn’t bear to think of it being bought by someone else. We had an interesting conversation about how selling ones art is like letting your children go into the world with the hope that they will somehow make a difference.

We also talked about talent. TALENT, the “T” word.

He mentioned to me that he had no talent when I asked him if he participated in any form of art making.

Sadly, too many people believe the myth that some people (i.e. artists) just possess this nebulous and elusive gift that they were mysteriously born with.

So, okay, yes, there is Mozart and Picasso and Di Vinci and a handful of geniuses throughout history that seemed to come out of the womb gifted but what about the rest of us?

Hard work. Yes. That’s right. Oh, and passion…

Anyone of you can be great at art with that magic combination.

Art Intersection = a magical place.

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