Art Intersection’s 1st Ephemera Crawl


A kin to the pub crawl (minus the booze), an ephemera crawl is an opportunity to explore specific areas dense with STUFF. You know, the kind of stuff you just have to have but don’t really know exactly what the end use will be. This past Saturday, ten enthusiastic participants fueled with caffeine and sugar hit Main Street in downtown Mesa to search for ephemera. The group, lead expertly by Josie Circincione, did well with everyone bringing home many treasures. There are so many interesting places on Main street to get authentic vintage goods. Included in the trip were the following:

Antique Plaza
114 & 120 West Main Street
(480) 833-4844

Book Gallery of Mesa
50 West Main Street
(480) 835-0757

Mystic Paper
123 West Main Street
(480) 834-0286

Domestic Bliss
166 West Main Street
(480) 733-0552

Mesa Typewriter Exchange
30 S. Macdonald St.
(480) 964-3603

There’s so much more, but that’s another trip.

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