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Encaustic Workshop with Sherrie Posternak

Thank you to everyone who joined us for this exciting 2-day Transferred and Embedded Imagery with Encaustic workshop with Sherrie Posternak. We had a talented group of students, who were eager and excited to learn this unique process. Thank you to Sherrie Posternak for teaching this workshop!

First, students were taught how to transfer their photos onto boards, using seven different types of printed surfaces, three methods of transferring, and six different ways of “sealing in” their transfers.

They also spend time learning how to correctly do a “dammed” pour which prepares for the transfer. One characteristic of encaustic medium lends itself well to receiving transferred or embedded images.

These techniques enhance the ability of the artist to represent ideas using layering, perspective, and graphics. Sherrie Posternak uses transferred and embedded images extensively in her work, and has advanced experimentation with a large variety of materials and methods.

We have new workshops at Art Intersection nearly every month, don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn a new unique process! Our next workshop is Tri-Color Gum Printing with Diana Bloomfield

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