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Street Photography Workshop with Neil A. Miller

In the last month, we’ve hosted three engaging sessions of our “Capturing the Unexpected” street photography workshop, guided by the talented Neil A. Miller. Students courageously ventured beyond their comfort zones to capture life’s unscripted moments. Between sessions, they honed their observational skills in public spaces and meticulously curated their images to present a select few to Neil and their fellow photographers during the final session.

Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse!

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Neil A. Miller – Responding to the Moment

Join us to listen to Neil A. Miller speak about the many options used to photograph people in spontaneous, “in the moment” situations.

Whether you are photographing on the street or in a party situation, there are various approaches to consider to maximize the results.

Neil A Miller is an Arizona based photographer, videographer, author and educator. Neil has been photographing people in all sorts of candid situations since the early 1960’s.

Neil first exhibited work in 1973 at the f22 Gallery in Santa Fe and the Phoenix Art Museum and has continued exhibiting throughout his career. He is a retired career photojournalist and authored the book Morgan Exploration published in 2009.  

Neil Miller 66-16-8 Thisitledow#264E1DD 600px wide

Neil Miller Mohamad Ali South M#264E1F9 600px wide

Digital Infrared Workshop

One of the truly significant changes digital photography has brought us is the simplicity of shooting infrared (IR). Old School analog IR shooters had a series of steps that required best guesses to be made and correspondingly has a rather high hit or miss result. First of all, you had to be careful loading the camera since the film could fog in bright outdoor conditions. Then, focus and exposure issues had to be addressed.

The Infrared weekend kicked off on Friday evening with a free lecture by Neil Miller and Siegfried Rempel, shooting started at the Gilbert Riparian on Saturday morning, followed by process in the Digital Lab in the afternoon. Sunday we printed images and reviewed the work on the Crit Wall.

Siegfried printed an image from a digital negative on to hand coated  printing out paper, and demonstrated digital infrared capture, to digital negative, to an alternative photographic process. This could have also been printed using cyanotype, platinum, gum bichromate, etc.

Here is a link to the original workshop information.

Infrared L1057032-3 Neil Miller 

Infrared L1057025-2 Neil Miller

So what is the visual difference with infrared? The primary difference is that the camera is photographing in response to living plants in an area of the light spectrum the human eye cannot see. Plants will often reflect greater proportions of infra-red and appear to be lighter in value. The sky, devoid of reflected infra-red will appear a dark value similar to the effect of shooting black and white film through a dark red filter. Clouds tend to show greater modulation and gradation and often “pop” in the image.

The following infrared images are by Margaret Wright

Infrared Colorized wall Margaret Wright

Infrared Space Colony Margaret Wright

Infrared Ducks on a pond 2 Margaret Wright

The following infrared images are by Richard Fee

Infrared IR45-Richard Fee

Infrared IR 33-Richard Fee

Infrared IR27-Richard Fee

The following infrared images are by Neil Miller, and the featured image for this post is by Neil Miller

Infrared L1057008-Edit-1 Neil Miller

Infrared DSCF5824-Edit-1 Neil Miller

Infrared Final #1 DSCF5830-Edit-2-1 Neil Miller

Infrared Final #2 DSCF5836-Edit-1 Neil Miller

Infrared Final #3 L1057017-Edit-1 Neil Miller 

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