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Through Each Others Eyes: 1st Arizona – Alberta Exchanges

Four of the Through Each Others Eyes photographers exhibited eighty images at Art Intersection from their First Arizona – Alberta Exchanges 2012. Through Each Others Eyes USA based photographers Colleen Miniuk-Sperry and Ken Ross traveled to Alberta, Canada, while Canadian photographers Peter Carroll and Royce Howland came to Arizona. Each photographer chose their favorite twenty images for the show which were in the North and South Galleries. The well attended reception included all four photographers and was held Wednesday, November 7, at the Art Intersection galleries.

Since 1988, 137 photographers have participated in Through Each Others Eyes™ photo exchanges, producing exhibitions that have been viewed by more than two million people.  In addition, the photographers of Through Each Others Eyes™ participate in social and educational projects around the globe. To learn more, visit the website at www.teoe.org.

We hope to have more exhibitions with Through Each Others Eyes in the coming years!

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