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Saturday, May 1, 9am - 5pm
Sunday, May 2, 10am - 4pm
Diana Bloomfield
Art Intersection
(480) 361-1118
207 N Gilbert Rd # 201, Gilbert, AZ, 85234


Tri-Color Gum Printing with Diana Bloomfield
Price: 435.00 USD

Friend & Student Members:
Tri-Color Gum Printing with Diana Bloomfield
Price: 420.00 USD

Sponsor - Patron - Collector Members:
Tri-Color Gum Printing with Diana Bloomfield
Price: 395.00 USD

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Tri-Color Gum Printing with Diana H. Bloomfield

We are hoping the Covid situation will allow safe travel to Art Intersection and workshop participation. If our optimism proves wrong, we will refund 100% of the workshop fee.

In this intensive two-day workshop, we will learn how to print in the 19th century photographic process of gum bichromate. Using color separation negatives, we’ll learn how to make multilayered, tri-color gum bichromate prints on watercolor paper.

After mixing an emulsion of watercolor pigment, potassium dichromate, and gum arabic, this mixture is brushed on watercolor paper, dried, and by placing a negative on top it is exposed to UV light.

We then ‘develop’ the prints in plain tap water. Layers are built by repeated coatings and careful registration of negatives until a full, rich image is achieved.

We will also explore one-coat, monochrome prints, made using black and white negatives.

No prior experience with this type of printing is necessary, so join us for two days of fun and experimentation with this interpretive, intuitive, and infinitely creative photographic printing process. Once you experience the joy of gum printing, you will never be the same!

The making of digital negatives will be shown, but for the workshop itself, please send four color image files (300 dpi at 10” on the long side), and one black and white image file if you would like, at least one week prior to the workshop. Please complete the WORKSHOP SIGN UP FORM attached below before payment!

Learn more about Diana on her website Diana H. Bloomfield.

BK Skaggs, Shari Trennert, and Maylee Noah rinse their prints while others hang to dry. These prints show the first pass with the cyan layer.

Tri-color Gum Workshop-2622_800px

Finished prints by Maylee Noah showing one-color, two-color, and tri-color prints.

Workshop Sign Up Form

Please complete this workshop sign up form before payment! This helps us stay in contact with you as well as update you with any information you may need before the workshop.
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