Picturing Resistance & With These Hands Opening Reception


Thank you to everyone who joined us this past Saturday for our opening reception for this year’s Picturing Resistance exhibition, as well as juror Ken Light‘s With These Hands exhibition in Gallery 4! Picturing Resistance captures the essence of decades of protests and demonstrations, showcasing how the collective voice of the people has the power to incite powerful political changes.

Emerging in a climate where the exploitation of American farmworkers, notably children, has made headlines in recent months, With These Hands arrives as a poignant reminder. Ken’s evocative photographs, taken in the 1970s, serve as an undeniable testament that the pervasive issue of child labor exploitation has plagued the nation for decades.

Both exhibitions are open to view in Gallery 4 at HD South in Gilbert’s Heritage District until September 30th, so there is still plenty of time to take a look before we transition to our next exhibition. In the meantime, have a look at a few moments from the opening reception!

Art Intersection is hosting a three-session Street Photography Workshop with Neil Miller this September, which will provide an excellent foundation for those inspired by Picturing Resistance and With These Hands to make protest and documentary photographs of their own!

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