No Strangers: The Art Intersection Creative Community


“I know there is strength in the differences between us. I know there is comfort, where we overlap.”  ― Ani DiFranco

The doors of Art Intersection opened in January of 2011 with a belief that in order for human creativity to flourish – it being perhaps one of our most important saving graces – nourishment is required on many fronts. In order to support the creative spirit of all those individuals within physical range of its facilities and programming, a well-equipped and well-staffed facility was made available to any and to all who wanted to engage in further developing their own creativity.

This exhibition celebrates a very special part of our growing community, our members, staff, and faculty.With our membership, we wanted to create a lively atmosphere for interesting dialogue and networking, a place to share work, and to learn not only from the stellar faculty and staff but also from each other. Through group critiques, one on ones with our curator and special member events we have begun forging a true creative community.

The staff and faculty of Art Intersection are also committed artists and feel honored to have their work intersecting with the work of the members in this inaugural exhibition devoted to learning, creating, and sharing. For more images visit our Facebook page.

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