Mark Lipczynski


Northeastern raised, Arizona resident.

I am addicted to travel and the open road.

I work fast, discretely and I shoot high volume exploring a wide variety of options while on-location.

I embrace situations that force me to solve problems and think on the fly.

My last name is pronounced, “Lip-chin-ski.”

I’m curious with good instincts; optimistic, but grounded; laid back, yet reliable; modest, but with a fire in my belly; and loyal while keeping some distance.

I possess superb driving abilities.

I picked up photography from my father. He, my older brother and I used to chase and photograph trains all over the United States.

I’m a champion of the underdog.

I learned photography on film, before digital, so I remain committed to the preservation of film photography.

I’m a self-proclaimed coffee snob, unabashed camera geek, plant-based cook, daily walker, workaholic, bee advocate and lover of all dogs.

I co-own and publish a food magazine in Arizona called Bite.

If I wasn’t a photographer I might be a farmer. Or a race car driver. But probably a farmer.

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