Keron Psillas


Keron Psillas Oliveira, a photographer, writer, instructor and mentor, brings to her workshops an extensive background in the print and publishing industry. Raised in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, where after nearly two decades in the printing and publishing industry, Keron became a professional photographer in 2006.

Keron teaches week-long photography courses, equine photo workshops, and maintains a robust mentoring program for students in the US and abroad. Former director of the Art Wolfe Digital Photography Center, and longtime assistant to and continues to teach with photographic legends Sam Abell and Arthur Meyerson. She co-leads photography tours in Europe and other locations with Charlie Waite, Arthur Meyerson, Strabo Tours, and other professionals. She leads private tours (groups of 2-6) in Great Britain, Europe, Eastern Europe and South America.

In response to the challenge of Covid-19, Keron quickly developed The Creative Conversation, a bi-weekly interactive lecture series that brings the finest photographers and professionals to an ever-widening audience.

Her published works include the highly acclaimed Forty Years Later, Meditation for Two, The Alchemy of Lightness, and Dressage for the New Age, with long-time collaborator Dominique Barbier. She self-published Four Days in Havana and Loss and Beauty; creating solace in a land of infinite sorrow.


“Keron is a gracious, thoughtful and compassionate woman; she is a terrific photographer and highly instructive coach and mentor.

Last year, I joined Keron in Portugal, her newly adopted home country. Touring with Keron provided time to know her more profoundly. She is articulate and very well read: she has a tremendous knowledge and mastery of art, history, and of course photography. Keron is a talented, accomplished and award-winning photographer and bookmaker.

I am currently working with Keron as a mentor-collaborator. Our long distance-zoom dialogue meetings provide time for her directive counselling of my images. She also incorporates Light Room and Photoshop finetuning. My image work will culminate in a published volume thanks to Keron’s insight and overseeing guidance.

Keron’s depth of knowledge and teaching style are invaluable to my photographic vision.
I am happy to share my experiences with Keron Psillas…I highly recommend this inspiring woman.” Sandy Chandler, Portland OR


“Keron is a brilliant artist and poet. As a mentor, she thinks deeply and is generous with her emotional energy. I always feel special in her presence.” ~Mary Turner, Seattle


“As a teacher and mentor, Keron always reminds her students to spend some time each day exploring some form of art. Especially if one isn’t in the field shooting, spending time with art inspires, teaches, and helps keep us moving forward in our own process of discovery. In addition, she walks the walk, and almost every day shares some wonderful work (via Facebook or email) that she has admired, demonstrating that her teaching never takes a break. Thank you Keron!” ~Jeri Goldstein, Phoenix

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