Bob Sadler


Bob delivers workshops for corporate executives every week somewhere in the world. For artists he has delivered the What do you say after Hello? workshop at the Center for Photographic Arts in Carmel, CA, CODA in Los Gatos, CA, and continues to coach individual artists.

Bob is best known for a photographic project and exhibit called “Inherent Worth and Dignity”. His exhibit, featuring homeless men in Monterey County, is aimed at showing homeless men in the best possible light as a way of breaking the stereotype of ‘homeless man’.

The exhibit has been shown many times over the past four years. It was in theRyan Gallery at Art Intersection two years ago and at the famous Weston Gallery in Carmel, CA last summer. You can listen to an interview regarding the project and get a sense of how he developed a narrative and a voice to describe his photography and his career here.

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