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Opening Reception
Tuesday, September 27th, 6 - 9pm

September 26 - 30
Gallery 100 at ASU
Tempe Center, Suite 199, Mill and University, Tempe, AZ, 85287
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Gallery 100 at ASU, Community

Tell Tale Art

It has been said that every picture tells a story, whether it is about the subject or the artist. Who was The Girl with the Pearl Earring or The Woman in Gold? What was it that made the Mona Lisa smile? Why did Van Gogh paint The Starry Night? Or, in the case of Neil Gaiman’s literary Sandman graphic series, how did the artists collaborate to create this iconic work of art? Such is the idea behind Tell-Tale Art, a BFA Senior Exhibition of Narrative Art—that is, art that tells a story—which will run Sept. 26-30th at Gallery 100 in Tempe. The Exhibition includes work by Drawing majors, Shauna Y. Daley, Marisa Marlowe, Katy Scott, Alton Lee, and Marieke Davis.

Describing herself as a “visually impaired visual artist,” Marieke Davis has spent the last two years working on the Prologue and first chapter of her graphic series, Ember Black. Last spring, she produced and directed a cast of voice actors to create an audio version of the comic for the visually impaired, “to illustrate with words what the sighted world takes for granted.” The project earned Ms. Davis the Audience Choice Award at the First Annual Herberger Institute IDEA Showcase in April, and both versions will premiere at the Exhibition. Fellow artist Katy Scott started working on her piece, The Flight, because it made her laugh. “There is something a little ridiculous about budgerigars to begin with,” said Scott. “So placing one on the moon seemed not only perfectly natural but also inevitable, in a very Gary Larson sort of way.” It wasn’t until later that she realized that the little green bird was more than just the comic figure she had originally intended him to be and started adding to his story. The piece now includes eleven individual paintings, all featuring the artist’s pet parakeet on his journey to the moon.

With a passion for depicting emotions and the smallest details to bring a narrative to life on a page, aspiring comic book creator Shauna Daley aims to ignite viewers’ imaginations to fill in what the characters are experiencing through each of their senses. Through a series of stand-alone illustrations, she will connect viewers with “compelling subjects within telling environments and moments of contemplation.” By contrast, artist Alton Lee credits his experience drawing the familiarities of life in northwest New Mexico for laying the foundation to pursue his art education at Arizona State University, for developing his profound sense of identity as an artist, and for inspiring him to help others apply art in their lives for their own self-fulfillment. Artist Marisa Marlowe feels that her form of narrative art is less of a straightforward story and more up to the interpretation of the viewer, in that some of her pieces are zoomed in and cropped, allowing the audience to come to its own conclusions about what is happening in the image. In this way, she believes, she intends to give more of a story behind figure studies.

The reception for Tell Tale Art will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 27th, 6-9 pm, at Gallery 100. Admission is free, and light refreshments will be served.


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