Inked: Photogravure with Karen Hymer


If you have ever worked in a printing studio, you are well-acquainted with the smell of printmaking ink; we were happy to break out the aprons and gloves and enjoy that intoxicating aroma of creativity for a full weekend!

During our Photogravure Workshop with Karen Hymer, our participants got to transform their images with ink into handmade prints.  Where traditional copper plate photogravure is time-consuming and requires toxic chemicals, the modern SolarPlate method is much more simple, using only sunlight and water! After exposing their SolarPlate etching plates to UV light under a digitally-printed positive transparency of their image, participants “developed” away in water the areas of their plates not hardened by the sun. Once dry, the plates were ready to be inked and run through our 1870’s etching press! Our students learned how to test for proper exposure of their plates, and they even got to customize their ink and paper choices for printing. 

The Open Studio that followed the workshop brought the return of several Art Intersection students of past workshops, reuniting friends in a fun, creative atmosphere. We love hosting Open Studios!


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