Artist Talk – The Physical Photograph


Five artists showing in The Physical Photograph exhibition gave an informal talk in the Galleries here last night to a very receptive audience. This exhibition includes handmade books, chlorophyl prints, Daguerreotypes, wet plate collodion tin-types, and brass pinhole cameras.

Jace Graf led the evening with a discussion of book making and anecdotes from his career creating premier books at Cloverleaf Studio in Austin, Texas.

David Emitt Adams, the artist-in-residence at Art Intersection, explained his newest work of tin-types on 55-gallon drum lids. David has an upcoming show at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art in June.

Binh Danh, professor at the ASU Herberger Institute of Art and Design, teaches alternative photographic process and talked about some of his unique work. Three of his images in the exhibition are printed on living leaves using an ordinary photographic negative. The negative varies the amount of sunlight available for the leaf and the corresponding production of chlorophyl, which then creates shades of green and a positive image of the negative.

Nothing goes together quite like gelatin-silver paper and gunpowder, at least according to Christopher Colville as he described his new body of work, Meditations on the Northern Hemisphere.

Nissa Kubly’s work in the Galleries are her handmade pinhole cameras which incorporate viewable images made by the object itself. Her work consists of functional instruments made of metal and inspired by the camera obscura. She also brought with her a jewelry trunk show in the South Gallery with necklaces, earrings, and rings themed around pinhole cameras.

All-in-all it was a great evening of learning through interaction with the artists. If you did not make the event we hope you will join us for the next Artist Talk at Art Intersection!


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