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Friday, March 8, 6:30-8:30pm
Siegfried Rempel
Art Intersection
(480) 361-1118
207 N Gilbert Rd # 201, Gilbert, AZ, 85234

Darkroom, Lecture

Printing Out Paper Lecture by Siegfried Rempel

Come and listen to a lecture on the history and current state of Printing Out Paper theĀ evening before the Printing Out Paper (PoP) workshop,. Once a popular commercial method to create images, today we hand coat paper to bring this process back to life and make beautiful, crisp, warm toned images.

Mr. Rempel will take us back to the time when this was a commercially viable process, the technical composition, and today’s method to recreate PoP. After the lecture will be a demo of PoP to illustrate the process to be taught in the workshop on Saturday and Sunday.

The use of Collodion in photography for the production of photographic prints an be found as early as the 1850s. The concept of an “emulsion” of silver salts in a collodion binder was introduced by Gaudin in 1853 and by 1861 he was actively producing the “Photogene” collodion emulsion.

The Collodio-Chloride emulsion is coated on paper and the resulting image, contact printed under bright daylight, remains in the collodion layer. The process requires exposure under bright daylight and the image darkens or “prints out” during exposure. The over-exposed image is then processed to stabilize the image and provide the final print image, hence the term print-out-paper. The collodio-chloride print-out-process represents one of the last PoP processes popular in North America and Europe with commercial photographers from the 1880s until WW II.


Siegfried Rempel, author of The Care of Photographs and Health Hazards for Photographers, graduated from Carleton University in 1973, joined the Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI) in 1975, worked as Conservation Scientist in Photography at the University of Texas (Austin), Manager of Conservation and Preservation at the Canadian Centre for Architecture, and retired from Heritage Services/Canadian Conservation Institute in 2011. He is a fine art photographer, specializes in photographic conservation and collections preservation and has worked alternative photographic processes since 1975. Currently he is a workshop instructor at Art Intersection.

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