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January 11 - February 29, 2020

Opening Reception
Saturday, February 1, 5 - 8pm
Art Intersection
(480) 361-1118
207 N Gilbert Rd # 201, Gilbert, AZ, 85234


Over, Under, and Inside by Ryuijie

Art Intersection presents three collections of work by internationally known and collected photographer Ryuijie. Ryuijie, whose platinum work can be found in Ryan Gallery, shows us the versatility of his creativity with selections from his Color Ice Forms, Underwater, and P2 bodies of work.

On the artist reception weekend Ryuijie will teach a platinum/palladium printing workshop where participants can create platinum/palladium prints of their own images. 

Color Ice Forms

“Ten years ago I began working on a body of photographs I call Ice Forms. The subject matter, botanicals frozen in blocks of ice, photographed in color, provides an element of the unexpected and unpredictable. This element can be likened to the Japanese principle of wabi sabi—beauty in nature in all its imperfections.”



“Underwater features a new sellection of marine photographs. These photgraphs are taken using a wide panoramic camera. Unlike Kanchi the photographs are captured digitally and printed digitally.”

UW 25


“The P Square photographs began as a way of keeping my traditional photography alive. My life in photography began with the landscape. These are small platinum prints, each holding a wealth of details and subtle tones, allowing for intimate, close-up viewing. These are all taken using film cameras. The film is later scanned and digital negatives are made for platinum printing.”

P2 237


My earliest photographs were done in silver gelatin. In 1990 I expanded the darkroom to include the platinum palladium process. Most of my work is still done using traditional photographic methods, but recently I have been incorporating digital imaging techniques into my box of tools. All the negatives for platinum printing are now done digitally. I use digital capture and printing for the new Color Ice Forms.

Many years ago I was asked what I would do if film was no longer available. My answer was I would continue to work with whatever tools were available. To give up my art would be unthinkable and would probably be my undoing!

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