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Saturday, September 15, 9am - 5pm
Sunday, September 16, 10am - 4pm
Steve Burger
Art Intersection
(480) 361-1118
207 N Gilbert Rd # 201, Gilbert, AZ, 85234

Digital, Workshop

Bring Your Print to Life with Steve Burger

Just like a digital capture from your camera needs some Photoshop massaging (adjustments) to make it look best, a great print needs a few more Photoshop techniques to make it look best. In this workshop you will learn Steve’s “Five Must Know” Photoshop adjustments to take your prints to the next level and make prints that “come to life”.

Each student brings ten or more images and together we pick the final five to make test prints.

During the first day Steve explains and demonstrates the Photoshop techniques that will be covered to make a print “come to life”. Test prints will be made and evaluated to see the areas in the image that need addressing. Using Photoshop, adjustments will be applied to the image, and by the end of the first day students will have chosen their final two images to work on and have a test print made of each.

The second day is printing and applying the techniques learned to the two test prints. Student will receive help evaluating each test print and decide any adjustments needed. Once the test print is as good as it can get, a final 16×20 will be made.

Steve Burger
My love is in making great prints.

I started out making them in the darkroom. I studied the great master print makers, Wynn Bullock, Paul Campinegro, Edward Weston, Ansel Adams to name a few. Ansel used to think of his negatives as a musical score. Something easily read. He called the printing of his negatives the performance of the score.

I have been working with Photoshop for over two decades. It is the most incredibly powerful tool for photographers that I know of. Creating images on the digital camera is the first half of the creative process. The second half is making the files be a true expression of what you, the photographer, wanted to portray with the image.

Art Intersection
The Photography Arts Lab at Art Intersection uses Epson 4880 and P800 printers and students will use iMac computers and Photoshop CC for editing their images. A Twenty-four foot critique wall, lighted with high CRI lights, will be used to evaluate prints. 

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