Barbara Usey


Artist Statement

In the last years I have been working with acrylic and studying some new acrylic painting techniques. One of them is creating a painting from “acrylic skin.”  This technic requires  pouring medium combined with different color of acrylic paint. The design that emerges gives me the inspiration of how I want to create the finished painting.

I love to paint abstract because I can express my imagination and my ability to combine big and small areas with lines and curves into an exciting and colorful painting.

The inspiration in my art comes from my moods that urge me to put my feelings on the canvas. I like to create series of paintings, especially diptychs and triptychs. After I have mastered a technique I try to learn something new to pursue my personal interest and spiritual need.

I see the world in bright colors, I am very positive and happy person, and that influences the composition, color, cheer in my paintings.


I was born in Warsaw, Poland. I began taking art classes in Elementary School, first doing pencil drawing and then watercolors. I can say that art has always been one of my passions. During my teenager years I attended art classes at the Palac Kultury, or Palace of Culture Education, the largest cultural building in Warsaw. I displayed my art in art classes and school.

While raising my children, I attended Warsaw University and received a Masters degree in Economic Sciences.
In 1984 I left Poland and moved to the U.S. as a political refugee. For many years I put my art dream aside until I meet my late husband, who was also an artist. He introduced me to a style of art know as collage and photo montage. He helped me to develop a strong, heartfelt connection with that old and unique style of art.
About 2 years ago, I began to paint in acrylic, which I now love. I have tried to master the medium by studying with teachers like Jane Marquez, Ed Klein and Jan Schaeffer. I studied with these mentors at City Light Gallery in Henderson, NV, where I was also a member of the Board of Directors. During this time I participated in the gallery’s Juried Fine Art Shows where I was awarded with first, second, third place ribbons in Mixed Media, and four honorable mention ribbons in Acrylic. I am still a member of this gallery.

Barbara Usey
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